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Two Teens Arrested in Wrestling Coach Tussle – Superintendent Eats Crow

anta Monica, California – District Superintendent Sandra Lyon is finding out how hard it is to eat crow after she…

By Editorial Team , in State , at October 2, 2018

anta Monica, California – District Superintendent Sandra Lyon is finding out how hard it is to eat crow after she jumped the gun and suspended 60-year-old Santa Monica wrestling Coach Mark Black after he got physical subduing a student for dealing drugs at school. This past Friday, Lyon expressed outrage over his use of physical force putting him on suspension while saying the facts weren’t in and no conclusion could be drawn until they were. Well, the facts came in and the police have arrested two teens in connection with the incident.

One of the teens is 16-years-old so his identity is being withheld. The other is 18-year-old Blair Moore who threatened Coach Black with a box cutter, was found possessing marijuana, and threated harm to a faculty member. Not only have the facts cast a completely different light on the entire matter and put the lack of judgment and professionalism of the superintendent on display, but there has been a public outcry that preceded the police decision. Families rallied to the support of the instructor out of respect to his reputation among students and parents. They understood that a drug toting juvy thug poses a threat and the coach wouldn’t have used physical force if the situation hadn’t called for it. It turns out they were right.

Over the weekend, the politically correct driven superintendent issued a statement patronizing students and family by saying that she understood her comments regarding to the coach had hurt them. She apologized to the community. How about apologizing to Coach Black and reinstating him? Perhaps she ought to tender her resignation since she proved she cannot handle the truth. Another school board member also attempted to walk the same path of double-talk that Lyon did by saying that the school board, which stood idly by as Coach Black was suspended before the investigation had turned up the facts, was committed to a fair investigation. Is it fair to shoot first and conduct investigations afterwards?