Mike Pence calls on US diplomats to promote legal immigration

Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday urged US diplomats to point out that legal immigrants are always welcome in the United States, even as President Donald Trump loudly claims a wall on the Mexican border.

“I urge you to assure our allies that this administration will continue to support legal immigration, even though we are dealing at the same time with the humanitarian and security crisis on our southern border,” said Mike Pence to 180 US ambassadors. and Heads of Mission Abroad, who were at the State Department for an annual meeting.

“The United States supports legal immigration. In truth, we celebrate it. And America has a proud history of supporting refugees,” he said.

Vice President Pence’s remark is a tacit acknowledgment of the impact on the US image of Donald Trump’s tough speech against illegal immigrants.

The US president regularly accuses them of increasing crime in the United States, although statistics show that migrants are less likely to commit crimes than citizens born on American soil.

The billionaire, who made the erection of a wall on the border with Mexico a key promise of his campaign, crosses the iron in Congress with Democrats, opposed to the project, resulting in the nearly month-long partial shutdown of the federal government.

The Trump administration has reduced the admission of refugees in the United States.

The country has accepted 22,491 refugees in 2018, according to State Department figures, the lowest level in forty years.

The United States, however, receives more refugees than any other country, although other nations such as Canada or Australia accept more per capita.

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