Trump’s Trade War Could Collapse Cheese Producers off the Foreign Markets

As President Trump’s belligerent trade estimation induce other countries to reciprocate with barriers to American goods dairy farmers and cheese makers in the swaying beaming green hills of Wisconsin are becoming worried about what will be the result of all milk and cheese they productize and generally sell overseas.

If export markets close down the result may be that all the milk has to be thrown away in the fields said Jeff Schwager, the president of Sartori Company, which has manufactured cheese in a town close by descendants with milk it buys from more than 100 dairy farms throughout Wisconsin. This move will have a cascading effect through the state.

Mr. Trump has sparked off trade confrontation with countries all over the world requesting contemporary trade pacts and reproaching tariffs on friends to readjust what he contemplates are unjust terms that offend American companies and workers. He has elected specific American industries that he elucidates are at a global downside involving automobiles and dairy which resulted in public abuse between Mr. Trump and the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau over Canada’s dairy tariffs.

The President’s commerce approximate evolves from his campaign assurance to revitalize American industry specifically manufacturing by placing America first. That promise gave him his current status in the office. But the consequences of the President’s exponential approach are commencing to be felt in towns and counties that selected him as the pitfall became more apparent than upside.

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