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Aquila, Inc. joins LMNTRIX Partner Program to Deliver an Outcome-Driven Multi-Vector Cybersecurity Platform

ALBUQUERQUE, NM AND ORANGE, CA – 02-07-2019 ( — LMNTRIX, the next-generation cybersecurity venture of MSSP pioneer Carlo Minassian, has…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at February 7, 2019

ALBUQUERQUE, NM AND ORANGE, CA – 02-07-2019 ( — LMNTRIX, the next-generation cybersecurity venture of MSSP pioneer Carlo Minassian, has announced a partnership with Albuquerque-based Aquila, Inc. 

An employee-owned technology firm, Aquila has over 35 years’ experience in IT services and continually teams with small businesses, laboratories, and technology firms to pioneer technologies that meet specific customer needs. As a U.S partner, Aquila will lead LMNTRIX’s presence in North America, and will be pivotal in taking LMNTRIX’s Adaptive Threat Response (ATR) platform, a first-of-its-kind cyber security offering, to market. 

Aaron Jaramillo, Vice President of Business Development at Aquila, said after seeing LMNTRIX’s Adaptive Threat Response (ATR) platform in action, he knew the holistic approach underpinning LMNTRIX would differentiate it in a market dominated by point or perimeter solutions. “LMNTRIX is a great fit for companies that do not already have an existing on-prem SOC or are looking to add an active threat defense layer to their existing security architecture,” he said.“Our customers are at various stages of security maturity and LMNTRIX can bolster defenses no matter where they are in their security strategy. The initial response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive, but the excitement really sets in when they see it in action for themselves,” Jaramillo said. 

ATR is a validated threat detection and response platform that hunts down advanced and unknown threats that routinely bypass traditional perimeter controls. By combining advanced network and endpoint detection capabilities, deceptions everywhere and global threat intelligence feeds – complemented by continuous monitoring – ATR proactively hunts attackers on networks and endpoints, as well as on the deep and dark web. 

“LMNTRIX’s continuous and proactive monitoring of client environments makes the platform a compelling solution for organizations without their own skilled intrusion analysts. Besides the integrated platform, what sets LMNTRIX apart from other MDR’s and MSSP’s, or other network security products such as UBA platforms, EDR or deception technologies, is the people,” Jaramillo said.

“LMNTRIX’s Cyber Defense Center team are skilled in software development, reverse engineering, malware analysis, offensive security, forensics, and incident response. Not only is it near impossible to find people with these skill sets, retaining this kind of talent in-house is out of reach for most

organizations. LMNTRIX’s analysts don’t rely on conventional SIEM based log events, they actively pursue and contain malicious actors in real-time. Their ability to think like a hacker means they’re always one step ahead,” he said.

Hamlet Khodaverdian, LMNTRIX Vice President Americas, said Aquila’s technical expertise in the design and development of highly secure networks and technologies made them a perfect partner for LMNTRIX.  “Aquila doesn’t just push boxes – their engineers have the skill and experience to design and implement customized networks of the highest quality. Their approach puts the client first and their commitment to highly-personalized service made them a clear choice for a partner – they understand the threats facing organizations and have the ability to tailor solutions to specific environments. It was clear from Aquila’s expertise across sales, engineering, customer service – even manufacturing and prototype design – that they’re at the top of the game.” Khodaverdian said. 

Carlo Minassian, LMNTRIX founder, said traditional perimeter solutions and MSSP offerings were failing to keep up with evolving attacks and leaving U.S businesses with a false sense of security. “We both understand that the legacy log-based approaches to cyber security are failing. Traditional solutions only succeed in inundating organisations with avalanches of false positives, giving attackers a cloak of static in which to hide. Together with Aquila, we’ll tear away that cloak,” he said.

About Aquila, Inc.

Aquila, Inc. is an employee-owned technology firm located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Aquila partners with public, private, and global organizations in advanced communication, network design and implementation, project management, information security, prototype design and manufacturing. The firm holds several GSA schedules and State of New Mexico contracts for services and equipment/software. Aquila is focused on quality, and in September 2010 received ISO 9001 certification. Aquila has over 35 years of experience in IT related services and continually teams with small businesses, the National Labs, and technology firms to pioneer technologies that meet specific customer needs. 



LMNTRIX offers an advanced fully managed multi-dimensional platform which protects organizations against advanced cyber threats. The LMNTRIX Adaptive Threat Response is a validated and integrated threat detection and response architecture that hunts down and eliminates the advanced and unknown threats that routinely bypass perimeter controls and was reverse engineered based on thousands of data breaches. We use a combination of advanced network and endpoint threat detection, deceptions everywhere, behavioural analytics and nation-state global threat intelligence technology complemented with continuous monitoring and both internal and external advanced threat hunting. This “no stone left unturned” approach means our clients gain a fully-managed, security analyst-delivered service that defends against zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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