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Beam Mobile Announces Next Generation Mobility Cases for Healthcare

NASHVILLE, TN – 02-04-2019 ( — Beam Mobile today announces the Beam iPhone case for healthcare services. The Beam case is…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at February 7, 2019

NASHVILLE, TN – 02-04-2019 ( — Beam Mobile today announces the Beam iPhone case for healthcare services. The Beam case is designed for clinical staff using mobile healthcare applications, such as EHR and communication applications. Beam provides a durable, healthcare grade sled with exchangeable batteries and advanced drop protection. 

Beam’s impact-resistant polycarbonate shell is designed to protect the smartphones from drops in fast-paced environments. Combined with IP54 design for dust and water resistance, Beam is cleanable with hospital grade cleaners. “The key advantage is our swappable batteries that provide seamless exchange without interruption to a nurse or admin workflow,” said Dean Shortland, CTO of Beam Mobile. Beam is used in conjunction with mobile EHR deployments as well as secure communication apps including Patientsafe, Voalte, and Vocera.Beam offers different multi-bay charging docks including a 5-bay sled charge dock and a 10-bay battery-only charge dock. A single-user dock is also available. The externally swappable batteries (2100 mAh) provide power for continuous shift performance. Shortland added, “Beam is a welcome safeguard through the mobility forest. We have several hospitals integrating Beam cases to protect their mobile investment.” Beam is compatible with iPhone8, 7, and 6s and is Apple MFI approved. The smartphone case can also be used with soft scan applications.Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Beam Mobile has led the effort to provide smartphone protection in demanding environments. We make the case. The Beam team is former Griffin Technology members who made a dent in the consumer smartphone accessories market. Beam’s mission is to be the authority in mobile solutions in the healthcare space and beyond. Beam Mobile is available from healthcare integrators nationwide. For information contact   

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