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CFX Announces Availability of Automotive 16M QSPI NOR Flash

MILPITAS, CA – 02-01-2019 ( — CFX, the One-Stop Shop for nonvolatile memory technology and products announced today the commercial…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at February 7, 2019

MILPITAS, CA – 02-01-2019 ( — CFX, the One-Stop Shop for nonvolatile memory technology and products announced today the commercial availability of samples of its CF25Q16 device, a new product implemented in 65 nm technology specifically designed to meet the need of the automotive industry.

“Automotive applications require not only product that meet the performance and high-reliability of mission critical applications, but also cost-effective solutions implemented on leading-edge technologies. “ states George Wang, President of CFX,“Recent product obsolescence and End-of-life announcementshave created problems for customers who need moderate density SPI NOR devices.CFX is moving to fill this gap with a cost-effective products implemented at the optimum technology node”.


Securing Supply Continuity

Customers are increasingly concerned about continuity of supply in the SPI NOR Flash market.Many applications require modest capacity and therefore cannot take advantage of the cost/bit decreases that naturally come with more advanced manufacturing processes.These customers are more concerned about the cost per unit over the lifetime of their product. Each time a supplier migrates to a more advanced technology, the customers need to re-qualify the product, adding cost and taking engineering resources away from new products.

The 65 nm process node is the ideal platform for SPI NOR densities below 64M since the technology is mature and the tooling costs are relatively inexpensive.CFX is developing an entire product line from 128M to 4M at the 65 nm process node featuring advanced capabilities including extended operating temperature, low operating voltages, fast clocking speeds and high reliability.CFX is pursuing AEC-Q100 qualification and expects to have its first qualified product in Q2 2019.The CFX products are compatible with industry leading suppliers such as Cypress Semiconductor, ISSI and Winbond. 


Product Availability

Samples of the Automotive temperature range CF25Q16 are available now.AEC-Q100 qualified product will be available in Q32019.Budgetary Pricing for the -40-85 deg C version is 20 cents each, the -40-+105 temperature range is 22 cents each and the -40 to 125 deg C version is priced at 24 cents each.. Various packages are available including leaded SOIC and leadless SON.


About CFX

CFX(Chuangfeixin Technology) is the world’s first one-stop shop for nonvolatile memory.CFX brings state of the art OTP, NOR Flash and NAND SLC Flash technologies to the market in standard product and IP core form.This allows customer to choose the optimum system’s solution to meet a wide range of applications requirements.CFX is also focused on providing leading edge levels of reliability to the NVM market.


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