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GreenFeet Introduces Innovative PreFab Solar Homes for the U.S. Market

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – 02-06-2019 ( — These Affordable Net-Zero Energy Homes are Being Marketed Alongside the Company’s Existing Solar Canopy…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at February 7, 2019

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – 02-06-2019 ( — These Affordable Net-Zero Energy Homes are Being Marketed Alongside the Company’s Existing Solar Canopy Systems for Homes and Businesses.

GreenFeet Solar today announced the launch of it’s prefab Solar Homes to complement its existing solar canopy systems for homes and businesses.GreenFeet’s solar homes are a smart, net-zero energy residences designed with sustainability, affordability and style in mind. Each model features 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, european-style kitchen, stainless steel appliances, laminate wood flooring, a bi-fold view door to the back porch, a built-in smart home system and integrated solar powering designed to eliminate a homeowner’s electricity bill.They are built off-site by trained and experienced craftsmen in a process that is quality controlled. After being constructed to 95% completion, they are shipped in modules to the home buyer’s project site on flatbed trucks to be crane-lifted into place by a certified installer.Our solar homes solve a dire market need for an affordable, stylish home that leaves a zero carbon footprint”, said Rob Marker, General Partner of GreenFeet Solar. “Designing factory-built homes with integrated solar powering is the future of housing and these units are leading the way”.The company’s residential canopy system is a solar electricity generator that not only powers an existing home with clean-energy, but it also functions as an outdoor living area or carport.  The 18-panel solar roof is designed to provide more power than the average home in the U.S. consumes.  This means a homeowner can sell their excess power back to their electric provider to offset the solar canopy’s cost.Greenfeet’s commercial solar canopy system is designed for retail, multifamily, institutional and government owned parking lots as well as gas stations.  The system provides valued shade for cars while simultaneously generating lower-cost renewable energy for the business owner.“We fully recognize that home and business owners are adverse to placing bulky solar systems on their roofs”, added Marker. “That’s why we designed dual purpose canopy solutions that not only cost less than most rooftop systems, but also provide shade, beauty and function.  The whole goal is to reduce energy costs for our clients, fight climate change, and increase property values.  Our architectural solar canopies do all that plus more.”GreenFeet’s unique products are part of the company’s strategy to tackle both the residential and commercial solar market, which have each taken off thanks to growing clean-energy awareness as well as the federal government’s 30 percent federal tax credit incentive. Financing options that allow home and business owners to pay little or no upfront cost for installing solar systems have also boosted the market’s size.

About GreenFeet Solar
Based in Scottsdale, AZ, GreenFeet Solar (a division of Evo International, LP) was founded with the goal to build a business that makes a positive and lasting contribution to the world by lowering the cost of electricity, improving our power grids, and to realistically make gains to stopping climate change in its tracks.
GreenFeet is committed to the widespread adoption of solar energy and believe it is an absolute must for the future of our planet and our children.  Solar technology is proven, reliable and ready to make the transition to a clean, renewable- energy world.  At GreenFeet, we leave a green, zero-carbon footprint in every solar project we deliver.
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