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Messiah offers to debate NASA scientists

ENGLEWOOD, CO – 02-06-2019 ( — Jesus Christ is alive and well, and says man-made climate change is a hoax. …

By Editorial Team , in PR , at February 7, 2019

ENGLEWOOD, CO – 02-06-2019 ( — Jesus Christ is alive and well, and says man-made climate change is a hoax. 

Mukesh Prasad, a resident of Englewood, Colorado, a US citizen born in India, claims to be the prophesied Second Coming of Christ –and is issuing an open challenge to NASA to debate the physics of climate change.

“If you [NASA] believe in climate change – first of all, why aren’t you vegan and if you are, good for you – here is an opportunity to bring great attention to your cause,” Mukesh said, goading scientists to engage with him. 


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“I mean, Jesus Christ reincarnated, denying climate change and offering to publicly debate, on the record . . .Surely that’s sensational enough to bring attention to your cause?” Prasad asks.“Don’t keep saying ‘climate change, climate change, climate change,’ do something about it, “ Mukesh exhorts NASA in a written statement.


Prasad claims that the theory of man-made, CO2-caused climate change does not come from “all scientists, they all did not get into a humongous room and come up with the theory.”


The theory of climate change comes from James Hansen, former NASA, scientist, who Prasad describes as “ one single mistaken individual, who got support from the 19th century works – later overturned -of an individual named Svante Arrhenius.”


He says James Hansen did not understand many physical principles, and used incorrect values in his model. 


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He further claims that NASA organizations such as NOAA and GISS are biased. 


“They happen to be the agencies in charge of data collection, and have frequently and consistently misreported the data in favor of the manmade Climate Change theory,” Prasad said in a statement. 


Thus far, NASA has declined to accept either Prasad’s debate challenge or his offer to correct their physics and climate models. Both the challenge and the offer stand, Prasad said. He added, “I had informed NASA earlier via their contact form, but I repeated the challenge again, requesting that they respond by February 10.”

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