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Snack Updates to Provide a Fully AI-Powered, Mobile Learning Experience

SEATTLE, WA – 02-01-2019 ( — Snack Video Technologies, a startup poised to forever change how we gain knowledge, today…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at February 7, 2019

SEATTLE, WA – 02-01-2019 ( — Snack Video Technologies, a startup poised to forever change how we gain knowledge, today announced the latest version of their app, which provides a fully AI-powered mobile learning experience with a new design called Smart Feed.  With machine learning under the hood, the Smart Feed learns how users interactions with the App to determine what content they like the most, and recommend them content through the infinite video feed; it gives each user a personalized list of recommended learning content. 

“In order to understand different learner’s needs and preferences, present the most relevant content to each at each learning stage, Snack combines a number of different Machine Learning and AI techniques, including collaborative and content-based recommendations algorithms, classification and linear regression engine and reinforcement learning algorithms trained on deep neural network for thousands of hours,” stated Gordon Sun, CTO of Snack. 

Snack enables users to fit in learning into an already busy day. Every video on Snack is three minutes or less, meaning users can learn on the subway, during lunch breaks, or while waiting in line for coffee. It also enables creators the ability to create a video and share it with the community, and the opportunity to grow their followings. 

In just a few short months since launching, Snack has already brought knowledge to thousands of active users. “We’re excited about our growth since September, and we cannot wait to see how these new features will fuel not only Snack’s future but also that of our users!”, said Sunny Wu, CEO of Snack.

About Snack Video Technologies Inc.

Snack is mobile app changing the way you learn. Combined a number of different Machine Learning and AI techniques under the hood, Snack delivers short, to the point, Smart Video Feed to help you learn things are valuable to you, and only you. 

Snack also lets users share what they are good at by recording a short video with simple steps and get rewards.

As a leader of the new generation of mobile learning, Snack is an innovative and adaptable way for people to learn in this fast-paced era. It’s a mission that takes some seriously smart, intense curiosity and determination to be the best.

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