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Turf Feeding Systems is Saving Struggling Municipal Golf in America

HOUSTON, TEXAS – 02-01-2019 ( — Turf Feeding Systems, a Texas company, has a mission to save struggling municipal golf…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at February 7, 2019

HOUSTON, TEXAS – 02-01-2019 ( — Turf Feeding Systems, a Texas company, has a mission to save struggling municipal golf courses in America.

Municipal golf is struggling in America, and many towns and cities are considering closing them and selling the land to real estate developers. But, Turf Feeding Systems has a program that can save any golf course $25,000 to over $100,000 annually, and it works.Boiling Springs municipal golf course, in Woodward, Oklahoma did just that two years ago. Country Club, in Cheyenne Wyoming, saved over $100,000, reduced their water use 50% and improved overall quality. golf courses across the country are at a crossroads and many are closing, but Turf Feeding Systems, has a mission to help municipal golf survive, grow and become profitable.
“Golf is in serious trouble and my personal interest is to help any struggling municipal golf course improve their quality and reduce costs. We have done it for golf courses across the US for over 30 years,” states Michael Chaplinsky, President Turf Feeding Systems.”Chaplinsky continues, “Most people are impressed by the quality of elite private country clubs with unlimited budgets and staff, but public and municipal golf make up 80% of the courses in America where over 80% of golfers play.We can improve the quality of almost any public golf course close to a private country club, while reducing operating costs significantly. This success formula for any municipal golf course is simple; improve quality, and double the rounds of play, while reducing operating costs. We did it at Boiling Springs GC in rural Oklahoma and can do it almost anywhere.”Turf Feeding Systems – – is leading manufacturer of automatic fertigation systems that inject liquid fertilizer and soil nutrients into irrigation water to feed the golf course automatically like a hydroponic greenhouse. It makes each drop of water sweet with nutrients, and is the most efficient and accurate method of feeding the grass and soil to manage a golf course. It improves the plant and soil health to reduce water, fertilizer and chemicals over 50% as well as reducing labor and equipment use significantly. This method of automation, precision and the use of organic soil amendments will greatly improve the overall quality.Chaplinsky concludes, “We can improve quality and significantly reduce operating expenses to help any serious golf course become a popular and profitable enterprise, not a failing financial drain.”Bio: Michael Chaplinsky is the President/Founder of Turf Feeding Systems, Inc., a Texas company that manufactures fertigation systems for golf, sports, landscapes and horticulture, with over 30 years of experience worldwide.Mr. Chaplinsky is an expert in fertigation, irrigation, soils and water efficiency. He consults and speaks worldwide on irrigation, soils, water efficiency and high yield crop production. Information:Turf Feeding Systems, Inc.  www.turffeeding.com832-321-3311 19915 Morton Rd. Suite 200 Katy, Texas 77449Michael Chaplinsky  Cell 713-504-0750 

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