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Goose Goose Duck Launches Educational Platform and YouTube Channel Inspired by Black History Month

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA – 02-08-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — The multi-faceted platform offers inspiring and inclusive educational tools for kidsGoose Goose Duck,…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at February 9, 2019

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA – 02-08-2019 (PRDistribution.com) —

The multi-faceted platform offers inspiring and inclusive educational tools for kidsGoose Goose Duck, a multi-faceted educational platform for children ages two to six, virtually launched their inclusive interactive website and YouTube channel today covering topics often only highlighted during Black History Month. The website and YouTube channel offers hands-on lesson plans and interactive videos, catering to the youngest learners, introducing them to unsung black Americans throughout history while enhancing a child’s development and inspiring creativity.Inspiring, creative and interactive content is crucial for education and it begins before entering any classroom. Nursery rhymes and other online video content begin to educate with simple songs and bright colors, but often, are more likely to feature baby animals or characters with green or blue skin than main characters with black or brown complexions.Goose Goose Duck is creating a shift in content, developing material to be inclusive and utilizing the early learning phase to children’s advantage, ultimately building self-confidence. The hybrid education and entertainment platform sparks curiosity, putting a twist on traditional nursery rhymes and stories and introducing positive images of notable black Americans.The content is fun, yet it is simple. All lessons are developed and written by qualified educators and curriculum directors that are committed to the greater well-being of educating children – not focused on test scores. Goose Goose Duck’s format is straightforward with easy-to-understand instructions, making it effortless and suitable for both on-the-go parents and busy teachers.“As a mother of two, I wanted to be able to empower my children,” says Monica Dorsey, Creative Director. “Through my observations with my own family, I realized the power of visuals in enhancing learning among children. I knew my message for equality was destined to be for a younger audience and it fed my passion and became my inspiration for Goose Goose Duck.”Animated videos starring historic black Americans will be added monthly to the Goose Goose Duck YouTube channel with a variety of content formats. The U Can 2 Series are nonfiction stories about accomplished black Americans told in a storybook format. The 2T Series takes traditional nursery rhymes and adds a re-imagined twist incorporating historical black figures and events. The 3F Series are fun, yet focused, with light education videos and subtle incorporated values.In addition to videos, the Goose Goose Duck lesson plans serve as introductions to the black American heroes that may go unsung in standard classroom curriculum. Each lesson plan is designed to support the concepts in the video and are easily downloadable to view prior to starting any lesson.For the virtual “grand opening” of the platform, Goose Goose Duck is offering two free activity packs to those that subscribe to the bi-weekly newsletter.For more information on Goose Goose Duck including sample lesson plans and interview opportunities, please visit www.goosegooseduck.com or subscribe to the YouTube channel at www.goosegooseduck.com/YOUTUBE.

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