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CEO, COO of R3 Score Technologies, Inc. Honored to Receive Fellowship at Harvard University Kennedy School Carr Center Human Rights Policy

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – 02-12-2019 — R3 Score Technologies Inc. today announced the news that the President and CEO, Teresa Hodge,…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at February 13, 2019

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – 02-12-2019 — R3 Score Technologies Inc. today announced the news that the President and CEO, Teresa Hodge, along with the company COO, Laurin Leonard, have been announced as Harvard Technology and Human Rights Fellows at the Harvard University Kennedy School Carr Center.

The one-year fellowship marks a second for the mother-and-daughter team, following on from their 2018-2020 fellowship at Echoing Green, a nonprofit which supports social entrepreneurs. As Technology and Human Rights Fellows, Hodge and Leonard will have access to Harvard’s resources, enabling them to further explore the role of data in the modern era and its impact on individuals with criminal records. 

The fellowship marks another success for CEO Teresa Hodge and her daughter, Laurin Leonard. Hodge’s personal experience of incarceration in the 2000s marked a transformative period in her and her family’s lives, exposing the flaws of the current criminal justice system. In turn, it also unearthed a deeply personal mission, dedicated to retaining the human capital of others leaving the nation’s mass incarceration system. 

“Many of us with the lived experience of incarceration are demonstrating our capacity and abilities to not only return from prison and be productive citizens but also to leverage technology to create solutions in the era of artificial intelligence,” said Teresa Hodge, CEO of R3 Score Technologies, Inc. 

“Criminal justice reform is urgently needed; incarceration should not mean a life sentence of mistrust after release. Personal transformation is powerful and more than possible; as a society, we need to engage in greater dialogue about what the latest technological innovations mean for us – good, bad, or neutral – and how we can leverage to better people’s lives.”

At federal, state, and local level, data in the criminal justice system can create lifelong systematic barriers to people in some of America’s most vulnerable communities; those living in poverty and communities of color. Some 70 million Americans have a criminal conviction – a statistic expected to rise to 100 million by 2030; with research showing that bias can have a significant impact on the use of data-driven tools, it is clear that standards must be set to protect the rights of people, rather than be used to further trample them.

The Tech+Human Rights Fellowship is part of a new initiative from the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School. The initiative will explore the impact of technological advances on human rights, and how it might be used to protect society’s most vulnerable – as well as the new challenges presented by technology, such as the impact of fake news on the political discourse.

R3 Score Technologies Inc.’s FinTech analysis tool with other, wider business case uses. It allows its users to assess the risk and financial capacity of those with criminal records accurately, creating a detailed financial profile which allows companies to make smart decisions when dealing with people who have a criminal record. 

For those with criminal convictions in their past, R3 Score offers a ‘derisking’ that allows them access to mainstream financial products and services which would otherwise be unavailable. With access to Harvard’s nationwide resources and data, the company, while also working in collaboration with some of the foremost thought leaders in analyzing the impact of data in tomorrow’s world. 

“We have worked at this intersection of technology, innovation, and prison re-entry since 20102,” said Laurin Leonard. “For my mother and I, this is providing us with the ability to bring our body of work to the fore – and there is no better place than Harvard’s Kennedy School to really elevate this dialogue.”

R3 Score Technologies, Inc. mission is to help millions of Americans move beyond their criminal conviction. It achieves this by providing a tool for decision-makers to better understand the person with a criminal record beyond a standard credit and background screening reports. 

To find out more about R3 Score Technologies, Inc., please visit For all general and media inquiries about the company or its FinTech products, please contact Teresa Y. Hodge by telephone at 443-863-7234 or email Find out more about R3 Score Technologies’ mission by watching the video below.


About R3 Score Technologies, Inc.

R3 Score Technologies offers a web-based FinTech analysis tool and online marketplace that enables users to assess the riskiness and financial capacity of customers with criminal records, creating a comprehensive financial profile. The technology examines data across several key categories, providing nuance to background checks to better serve banks and financial institutions. For more information, please visit the company’s website.

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