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Still lonely this Valentines? Frankly Cupid can help!

TORONTO, ON – 02-12-2019 ( — Company Description Frankly Cupid is a new online dating site working with clients to…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at February 13, 2019

TORONTO, ON – 02-12-2019 ( — Company Description

Frankly Cupid is a new online dating site working with clients to help them navigate through the online world of dating.   They have 2 locations servicing Canada and The U.S and are capable of handling clients via phone or Skype worldwide. Frankly Cupid offers you a choice of services available such as Matchmakers, Virtual dating assistants, Dating coaches and Online dating profile builders. 

Frankly Cupid have the mentors that you need to help find the right one for your Heart! Truthful, experienced Matchmakers who are working towards the goal of helping you find Love!  “Let us get straight to the point, online dating is a tough road to master, its time consuming and can be challenging, having someone to help navigate will make your search much more successful” states co-owner and Matchmaker Angie Sudduth Walsh.  “We understand how difficult the search is and all of our matchmakers and coaches have also been in the same position looking for partners in their own personal lives. They are able to bring that experience to your search to avoid the same mistakes they made.”  She shares.

Frankly Cupid have successfully helped many clients find their loves and they are looking forward to helping you with yours. They can make a difference to your search and they truly do understand and will take the time to do the walk with you for your journey!   Don’t waste any more time. Contact them today to let them help you find your future partner. 

 Frankly Cupid fills the gap that exists in the dating world.  Approximately 5% of the online daters are truly there to find love. If you are one of the serious daters looking for love, their professionals will help make your search a successful one. Why spend another holiday alone! Make a difference today and have your next holiday be shared with someone special.

Make this your last Valentine’s Day alone!   Frankly Cupid is ready to help you make a difference.   They have a variety of services available from the bsic profile building, virtual assistants, dating coaches and professional matchmakers. 

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