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Solace Product Lowers 5G/60GHz Through-Wall, Low-E Glass Install Cost

Barcelona, Spain – 02-26-2019 ( — Mobile World Congress – February 26th, 2019 – Solace Power, known for industrial grade,…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at February 27, 2019

Barcelona, Spain – 02-26-2019 ( — Mobile World Congress – February 26th, 2019 – Solace Power, known for industrial grade, capacitive based, wireless power, sense and data solutions, is proud to announce its latest 5G / 60 GHz power platform targeted toward network equipment like window mounted small cell or other wall and roof mounted CPE hardware.  Safely delivering up to 50 watts at 80%, end-to-end, efficiency across large gaps such as 200 mm thick walls and 35mm multi-pane, low-E glass, Solace leverages its expertise in developing intelligent wireless power and data systems with true load variability for self installation while eliminating maintenance costs associated with traditional invasive install methods.  Professional and self-installers enjoy simplified mis-alignment tolerances of up-to-40 mm between receive and transmit functions without performance degradation.


“The 5G market will be a game changer once scale is achieved and its impact extends across several other key Solace markets. Solace solutions expedite broader 5G and 60GHz location install options, including self install, without the need to damage walls, compromise low-E windows or worry about precise alignment,” said Michael Gotlieb, CEO, Solace Power. “Solace’s 5G wireless power platform is rapidly removing prior complications found in older wired architectures and other forms of wireless power which fail due to power, load variation and thermal limitations” added Gotlieb. 

To learn how to integrate and differentiate your products with Solace’s 5G / 60GHz wireless power & data in your network designs, come meet us at Mobile World Congress (MWC) this February 25th through 28th in Barcelona Spain by contacting us at For more information,


About Solace Power 

Solace Power is a leading developer of intelligent wireless power-based solutions featuring proximity sensing and data. Our patented, Resonant Capacitive Coupled (RC²), electric field technology provides robust wireless charging for a world of new, previously unachievable applications across automotive, defense, medical, industrial, telecom and business systems.  Solace is proud to have won the 2017 Boeing Silver Level Performance Excellence Award and Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50™/Companies-to-Watch.


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