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Task Force: ISO Launches New Website

DENVER, CO – 02-26-2019 ( — Website redesign offers Veterans, active duty military and other visitors easy access to comprehensive…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at February 27, 2019

DENVER, CO – 02-26-2019 ( — Website redesign offers Veterans, active duty military and other visitors easy access to comprehensive information on Task Force: ISO’s programs and partnerships.

Task Force: ISO announces the launch of its newly redesigned website ( The site features an uncluttered design with improved functionality and enhanced content to enable a better user experience and a more comprehensive understanding of how the organization is refocusing Veteran lives through the art of photography. A 501(c)(3) non-profit, Task Force: ISO has three pillars of service to Veterans and active duty military – IMAGING: Event Photography, SUPPORT: Photography Training and OUTREACH: Community Networking.

 “Task Force: ISO has made significant progress towards our vision of inspiring a global community of veterans in the past two years,” notes Josh Kuehl, founder and executive director. “The updated website reflects that progress and does a better job of sharing our story and encouraging visitors to engage with our organization.” 

Changes to the design and navigation of the Task Force: ISO website make it easier for visitors to learn more about the organization and determine how they might get involved in our programming. Veterans can sign up for photography training classes and learn more about vet-focused events and service organizations. Visitors can learn more about volunteering, making donations and requesting professional Veteran photographers for corporate and other events. In addition, the website updates support future program and organizational growth. 

While there are many Veterans’ organizations working in the creative arts, Task Force: ISO is the only organization in the US that uses education and photography to foster engagement and community. The new website is a primary tool for developing awareness of the organization and its goals, engaging Veterans in our programming and encouraging community involvement in our success.

 About Task Force: ISO

Task Force: ISO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that engages and inspires Veterans through photography. Veterans gain purpose through activity and self-discovery and build community through continued mentorship and support. Our mission is to empower Veterans to see the world through a different lens using positive imagery and the art of photography.

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