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Everyone’s cheating, but what about the cheated?

USA – 03-07-2019 ( — Nowadays, anyone can download an app or jump on craigslist and find a warm body…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at March 7, 2019

USA – 03-07-2019 ( — Nowadays, anyone can download an app or jump on craigslist and find a warm body in a few minutes to have an affair with… Sad, but true. BUT what about the cheated, the sad, broken hearted puddle on the floor who just had their whole world smashed to pieces?

After the Affair was uniquely founded for these people, the cheated, by a woman who had the same exact thing happen to her. Founder, Melissa Davis, was a mother to two little girls (one was just 3-months-old) when she discovered the affairs. Her story, she realized, was not uncommon. Sadly, the cheated party is made to feel and will actually believe that the affairs were somehow their fault. If only they were prettier, wilder in bed, smarter, cooked better… You name it, the cheated was never “enough.” So, not only are these grief-stricken women and men dealing with depression, non-existent self-esteem, anxiety, fear and shame, but they are not seeking help to deal with this massive trauma.“Oh, hell no!” declares Melissa. “I stayed swallowed up in shame and paralyzing anxiety for much longer than I should have. I can’t stomach the thought of anyone else enduring that kind of misery as long as I did. I didn’t reach out for help.” Melissa saw a trend of people not reaching out for professional help for many reasons: they were too depressed to pick up the freakin phone and dial a number, they were a newly single parent without one extra minute to spare, financial constraints or the always ugly shame. Shame of going to a therapist in a small town and people talking. Shame of “what did I do wrong, that made this happen.” Shame.After the Affair is changing everything! Never again will someone have any reason they can’t get help. Never! Every detail of this program was designed for the everyday, real life struggles the cheated faces. The program is a series of videos one can watch on their own time in the privacy of their own home. The video sessions feature Melissa and two therapists, who specialize in grief, flashbacks, anxiety, setting and enforcing boundaries, depression and trauma… They discuss and give practical exercises to viewers with a strong drive to heal and live a full life once again.Because the expense of care is such an obstacle to so many, Melissa worked diligently to keep the cost low enough that anyone could afford help. Each session is less than $9! After the Affair will even take it one step further. If you are still unable to afford their already low prices, they will give you the program FREE, no questions asked. No one will be denied care. No one will suffer alone. ever. again.

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