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Game News Ninja Launches Game Reviews & Trends Aggregator

USA – 03-12-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Game News Ninja (GNN) launches an aggregator of the hottest and latest news from the…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at March 13, 2019

USA – 03-12-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Game News Ninja (GNN) launches an aggregator of the hottest and latest news from the gaming industry. Released last February 11, 2019 by global corporation NSTBG, GNN aims to be every gamer’s go-to portal for the latest gaming trends, mobile, PC, or console gaming reviews, and info on new and upcoming games.

 A One-Stop Avenue for Gaming News and Trends GNN covers game reviews, previews for mobile, PC, and console games, gaming conventions and events, as well as competitive esports. With around 60 contributors, Game News Ninja syndicates stories from the RSS feed of game publishers, contributors, and content creators.Among the most notable contributors for the site are Destructoid, Escapist Magazine, One Angry Gamer, Nintendo Enthusiast, and PC Invasion. To date, GNN houses over 4,000 articles and updates its feed daily with 150 new articles on average through an RSS syndication system.Aside from aggregating stories, GNN also allows users to leave feedback through a comment section on each page. This means you can get or exchange the feedback of other users on new releases, hyped events, and other topics.NSTBG Operations Manager Allen Amparo couldn’t be more excited as one of the leaders of Game News Ninja.

“Being a gamer myself for almost two decades, I’ve always dreamed of having just one place to get all the trending and latest—everything in just one channel and within my hands all the time, with only a few clicks away. GNN lets you do that and more.”

 Customize Your Game News Feed Gamers who sign up on Game News Ninja have the privilege to create and customize their own page and curate all the things that will appear on their feed. Aside from reacting or commenting on the published content, they can save stories by clicking the crafty shuriken icon found on each article. They can also follow specific contributors or game news publishers and save gaming events they’re interested in.In the future, GNN will be featuring streamers, influencers, and content creators from the community. Eventually, users can also further personalize their accounts via machine learning on either desktop or mobile. These upcoming developments will definitely enrich the user experience of gamers who sign up on the website and the community as a whole.

“Gaming has been a huge part of this generation and a great source of fun entertainment to many around the world,” says Amparo. “GNN aims to bring industry entities closer towards a fun, strong, and lasting community that will bring the gaming entertainment to the next level.”

 To learn more about the site, visit gamenewsninja.com or follow @gamenewsninja on Facebook and Twitter. For media inquiries and questions about becoming a contributor or featured blog, email Ginyn Cadavillo, Digital Marketing Specialist, at ginyn@nstbg.com. ABOUT Game News Ninja (GNN)Game News Ninja is your portal for the hottest gaming trends, game reviews, and new and upcoming games. Our mission is to build a community where members can enjoy awesome gaming content from hundreds of creators.

Game News Ninja serves as a home for all gamers—from casual to hardcore and competitive gamers—and for all game publishers, contributors, and content creators in the gaming community. GNN is a proud member of the NSTBG Group. ABOUT NSTBGA global corporation founded in Japan, the NSTBG group of companies centers on wedding film production, web platform services, and entertainment services. Our brands are as follows: NST Pictures, BG Bridal Gallery, Chamoji, and Game News Ninja. Our management philosophy is as follows: “We strive to improve the quality of life of our employees, as well as customer satisfaction and contributions to the community.”

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