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AlphaRacks Acquires NFPHosting, Adding over 15,000 Customers to Its Global Platform

United States, California, Los Angeles – 04-04-2019 ( — In an acquisition-spree, AlphaRacks is pleased to announce today the addition…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at April 4, 2019

United States, California, Los Angeles – 04-04-2019 ( — In an acquisition-spree, AlphaRacks is pleased to announce today the addition of, a provider specializing in web hosting services. This acquisition is a strategic addition to the AlphaRacks family.

Premium Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider, AlphaRacks, is today pleased to announce the acquisition of, a provider of cloud hosting services. This major news comes during AlphaRacks’ acquisition spree, where its management team is actively seeking and acquiring more hosting companies under its portfolio.The terms of the NFPHosting acquisition were not disclosed, however, the Los Angeles based IaaS company is currently acquiring cloud computing, virtual hosting, and technology enabled firms in the industry. The company typically invests in companies with a minimum $1M USD to $2M USD in annual revenue. Currently, AlphaRacks is acquiring other United States-based companies where customers will benefit from the AlphaRacks platform, however international expansion is also underway. AlphaRacks was founded in 2006, and has not yet obtained outside financing.“For the years we’ve been in business, most of our growth has been organic and through word of mouth. We recently made a decision to also grow by acquiring competitors, strategically selecting companies that would integrate seamlessly within the AlphaRacks platform. In 2019, as a company, we are now in a healthy position to grow via client acquisition, and the addition of NFPHosting merging into the AlphaRacks family will complement that.” said AlphaRacks Managing Director, Julian Jin.Following the acquisition, AlphaRacks will be providing NFPHosting customers with improved service levels and added value. This will be possible with the company’s years of industry expertise, streamlined processes, and through leveraging vast company-wide resources. In addition, this acquisition will grow AlphaRacks from 60,000 customers to over 75,000 active customers.“We are ecstatic to welcome all NFPHosting customers onto the AlphaRacks platform.” commented Julian Jin. “Customer experience is a highly important factor to us, and we want to make that clear to all of our customers, both existing and those who will be joining us through acquisitions. We plan on significantly enhancing customer experiences, all at no added cost to all NFPHosting customers.”NFPHosting currently services over 15,000 customers across 100 countries worldwide in its 3 datacenter locations.“We will be immediately integrating NFPHosting customers into the AlphaRacks brand, so that customers can immediately take advantage of the additional benefits we offer. Customers can rest easy knowing their prices will not be changing.” commented Julian Jin. He further states, “Previous NFPHosting management has done a stellar job in building a value-oriented hosting services company. We look forward to improving upon everything they have built so far, centered with a customer-first mindset.”About AlphaRacks:AlphaRacks is a premium web hosting provider based in Los Angeles, CA. Initially started in 2006 as an on-site IT consultancy firm providing support to local businesses, the AlphaRacks brand was launched in 2013 offering mainstream premium hosting services to both web start-ups and large enterprises. AlphaRacks currently supports over 75,000 clients of all sizes in over 150 countries worldwide. Services include cPanel web hosting, reseller web hosting solutions, hybrid/cloud servers, bare-metal dedicated servers, and virtual private servers, offered in both standardized and custom tailored configurations. Support is provided 24x7x365 by in-house dedicated staff; services are provided by leveraging strategic partnerships of top-tier facility and network providers, ensuring the services AlphaRacks delivers are highly available; which is backed by an industry-leading service level agreement.

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