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Sugus House Oval Banneton Bread Basket Now Available on Amazon

United States – 04-16-2019 ( — Product provides structure for shaped loaves of bread during proofing; used for dough that…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at April 16, 2019

United States – 04-16-2019 ( — Product provides structure for shaped loaves of bread during proofing; used for dough that is too soft to maintain shape while rising

  • BLOOMINGTON, April 16, 2019 – Sugus House is now offering its handmade, carefully crafted Oval Banneton Bread Basket on Amazon. Generally called a Banneton, brotform or brotformen, the bread mold is used for the rising of the dough (also called proofing) for homemade bread loaves.

“The quality of our Banneton Bread Basket is unlike any other, it is something I am proud to share with bakers alike. The mold can be lined with liner to create a smooth texture on the bread, or left unlined creating a beautiful pattern imprinted on the dough,” said David.The bread mold has undergone much care and consideration to perfect the high-quality, handmade design. Each of Sugus House oval bannetons are handcrafted with love and care, using durable rattan (pliable stems of tropical climbing palm) which will be a baker’s companion for years to come. First, artisans choose rattan from the most reliable and highest quality sources. After that, the rattan are let hang out to dry before being carefully shaped by the artisan experts. HOW TO USE:To bake with the basket, first coat it thoroughly with flour. Next, dust the dough with flour and place it into the Banneton Bread Basket. The basket will prevent the dough from spreading, flattening. The bread is finished baking when the crust is dry and golden brown in color, the bread will sound hollow when it is done. You may also check the internal temperature, when it reaches about 190°F the bread is finished baking. The oval-shaped basket can serve many purposes:

  • MOLDING BREAD. The bread basket provides structure for shaped loaves of bread during proofing. It can be used with dough that is too wet or soft to maintain their shape while rising.
  • STORAGE. Not only can the bread basket be used for baking, it can also hold fruits, vegetables or grains in a kitchen to keep from getting dirty or wet.
  • DÉCOR. The stylish basket can also be utilized for its looks. The handmade look with beautiful horizontal lines can serve as a stunning visual piece in any room.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS:Do not place the bread basket in a microwave nor near any flames. It will take around 3 uses to achieve a film that is stable enough to mediate moisture or temperature (humidity), retain dusting flour and facilitate easy release of your dough. Non-stick for easy clean up, clean with a damp cloth. Purchase the Oval Banneton Bread Basket today ($11.45 + free shipping with Prime). For more information, visit: 

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