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WhyteSpyder Launches Upload Tool for 360 º Photography as Hero Image on Walmart App on iOS

United States, Arkansas – 04-17-2019 — — Walmart works with WhyteSpyder to put 360 º photography front and center on iOS…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at April 18, 2019

United States, Arkansas – 04-17-2019 — — Walmart works with WhyteSpyder to put 360 º photography front and center on iOS phones —

 Digital merchandising company WhyteSpyder has announced a new tool within its proprietary software SKU Ninja to create and publish 360º photos as the “hero” image to product pages on Walmart’s app for Apple iPhones. This new feature follows the same easy process focused on simplicity and self service as SKU Ninja’s other rich media offerings. 360º View is an interactive rich media module that allows users to virtually spin the item 360 degrees, to see the product from multiple angles. This feature has previously only been visible below the fold of product pages on, with limited mobile functionality. “360° View is an effective way to provide visual information that builds the customers trust in a product and brand while empowering shoppers to interact and view the products from all angles without the physical product in hand,” said Frank Ogura, Senior Manager of Walmart’s Content Acquisition team. New functionality on the Walmart iOS app allows WhyteSpyder to upload 360 º Views to product pages’ primary, or “hero”, image to be seen by users with a single tap. This move toward interactive product photography is the latest in the retailer’s efforts to provide shoppers engaging and educational ecommerce content. “Walmart came to us with the idea to upload 360º photography for the MoDRN and Drew Barymore’s Flower Home lines to its app in a way we’d never done before,” said Roger Dickey, WhyteSpyder’s Chief Technology Officer. “We got right to work on improving SKU Ninja’s capabilities to make that idea a reality.” Walmart suppliers and other ecommerce professionals can learn more about WhyteSpyder’s 360º View tool, and sign up for the service, at After signing up and receiving a SKU Ninja login, users simply upload an item list and images to create the 360 º View module. The tool uses a bulk pricing model that transparently calculates the cost of uploading assets to as many pages as needed. WhyteSpyder’s commitment to innovative automation allows them to offer SKU Ninja rich media services following Walmart’s Every Day Low Prices philosophy. “We’re constantly focused on solving problems and making life easier for suppliers and retailers,” said Eric Howerton, CEO of WhyteSpyder. “We’re proud to work closely with Walmart to create all-new ways shoppers can search and transact through all available retail channels.” About WhyteSpyder:WhyteSpyder helps retailers and brands increase sales by listening, understanding and speaking to omnishoppers through custom technology, software, strategy and content creation. Winner of The Better Business Bureau’s 2018 Torch Awards for Ethics, the company works with leading companies including Walmart, Champion Labs, Reckitt Benckiser and AMG-Asia. If you would like more information, please call479-287-4006or email

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