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Over 300,000 Copies Sold: “I Quit Complaining”, by Christine Lewicki

United States, Colorado, Denver – 04-29-2019 ( — After Achieving Over 300,000 Copies Sold in Europe, “I Quit Complaining”by Christine Lewicki,…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at April 30, 2019

United States, Colorado, Denver – 04-29-2019 ( — After Achieving Over 300,000 Copies Sold in Europe, “I Quit Complaining”by Christine Lewicki, Aims to Super Charge the American Positivity Movement with its US Release


According to an April 25, 2019 Gallup Poll, Americans reached a “Negative Experience Index”of 35, 3 points higher than at any other time in history –in a nutshell, Americans are trending towards nastiness and Christine Lewicki is committed to change history.


Motivational Press, an imprint of Authors Place Press, announces the release of Christine’s Lewicki’s, “I Quit Complaining”in the United States on April 30, 2019.  After challenging negativity in culture across Europe, achieving 300,000 sold, reviews in Elle, Marie Claire and Le Mondeand countless others and over 200,000 views of her TED Talk on the subject, Lewicki set her sites on US markets.  


“In France, it all started as a personal challenge, really,” said the books’ author, Lewicki.  “One day looking in the mirror, I basically decided I had had enough of looking at virtually everything through negative eyes.  So, I decided to try to go 21 days without complaining.  To hold myself accountable, I started a daily YouTube video and shared with my friends.  Before I knew it, tens of thousands of people were watching my videos everyday as I struggled through 4 months before finally going 21 consecutive days without complaining.”


According to Ms. Lewicki, a certified career and business coach and founder of LA based O Coaching, Inc., it takes 21 days of continuing to do a new behavior before it becomes a habit.  She continued, “The book really helps people set a plan.  Without a plan, changing behavior is nearly impossible.” To help execute the plan, Ms. Lewicki encourages readers to create a simple tangible reminder.  She created a silicon bracelet that would be switched from wrist to wrist every time she complained about something.  The goal was to go 21 days without switching the bracelet. “I had no idea how much I complained.” She said.  “That’s been one of the great windfalls in Europe is helping people just become aware of how negative they really are throughout the day.  


“There are so many negative things around us, whether it’s politics or education,” she continued, “It really doesn’t matter.  It seems that everywhere we turn, there is something to complain about. So, I asked the question, what if we could get through a day, a week or a month without complaining? How much better could our lives be?”


Throughout Europe, Ms. Lewicki and the book hit a strong chord. Mainstream publications such as Marie Claireand ElleMagazines and newspaper Le Mondejumped on board as her number of YouTube views skyrocketed. It seems that in the age of questioning everything, consumers are looking for a breath of fresh air.  They seemed to have found it with “I Quit Complaining.”


When asked what she hopes for with the release of the book in the United States, Ms. Lewicki had one simple hope, “I really hope that people will get out of victim mode and be more empowered to live the life they choose. If I can help people discover more fulfillment in their day, relationships and work, I will really feel like I’ve accomplished something important.”


The book, “I Quit Complaining” is currently available for presale at and will be distributed through Amazon and other traditional retail locations starting on April 30, 2019.  It is being published and distributed by Motivational Press, an imprint of Authors Place Press.  Ms. Lewicki has also set up a website at where users can get additional support tools and join a movement that has already begun in the United States via pre-sales efforts.


About Christine Lewicki: Christine Lewicki is a bestselling author, TED Talk speaker and certified leadership coach based in Los Angeles, California.  Particularly known as a sought-after speaker who loves to express herself with her heart and guts, she’s brilliant in inspiring everyone to get out of victim mode and share their best self with the world.  Christine wrote the French Best-Seller J’Arrête de Râler! – AKA I quit complaining – (300,000 copies sold) translated in many languages and now available in English.  She is also a wife and the mother of three kick-ass girls, always striving to live her busy and rich life to its fullest.


About Authors Place Press:Authors Place Press is a Colorado-based book publisher.  With over 400 authors and 650 titles in its 11thyear, Authors Place Press is a full-service publisher and platform development agency.  Having recently acquired the assets of Motivational Press, Authors Place Press is continuing to identify strong authors who are pursuing a global platform.  Authors Place Press manages multiple imprints.

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