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Rangam’s ColorsKit Gets a New Makeover

United States, New Jersey, Somerset – 05-10-2019 ( — Rangam Consultants Inc. has released a free and smarter version of…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at May 11, 2019

United States, New Jersey, Somerset – 05-10-2019 ( — Rangam Consultants Inc. has released a free and smarter version of its flagship mobile application, ColorsKit, on App Store and Google Play. Branded as ColorsKit for Everyone, the award-winning app is recommended for assessment, intervention, life/vocational skills training, daily support, behavioral training, and tracking and reporting for all age groups from young children to working adults on the autism spectrum disorder.

“We believe ColorsKit’s synchronized and holistic approach will change the way training is imparted to people with any learning challenges anywhere—whether it be in the classroom or at home,” said Nish Parikh, Rangam’s CEO. “We would like to work with families, therapists, special needs teachers, and employers looking to design, develop, and deliver customizable skills training to help individuals on the spectrum become independent and find meaningful employment. ColorsKit helps teachers and parents with minimum expertise in the area of applied behavior analysis (ABA) or any other teaching methods work with their children or students and provide high-quality intervention in a collaborative environment,” Parikh added.

ColorsKit at a glance:

  • Over 350 ready-to-use skill development programs
  • Create your own program for any skill development
  • Create, manage, and share your own curriculum in cloud
  • Individualized teaching programs
  • Assessment and goal-setting
  • Behavioral tracking and intervention
  • In-depth progress reports and analysis
  • Collaborative communication

Notably, the app is developed in partnership with ColorsAcademy, Rangam’s offshore therapy and skills development center in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

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“ColorsAcademy has partnered with the ColorsKit development team,” said Dhara Desai, Subject Matter Expert at ColorsAcademy. “App and content developers regularly visit the Academy to learn about the needs of both teachers and students. Based on the knowledge they gain from these first-hand interactions, they keep tweaking the technology platform as well as the content library. I strongly believe that ColorsKit is a power-packed tool for an inherently analytical, dynamic, individualized, and data-centric learning environment for special needs individuals,” Desai added.

“ColorsAcademy is a very unique center for children with special needs. Here we offer counselling to parents on a monthly basis. We also call parents for awareness events, field trips, and therapeutic sessions. In those sessions, we meet with parents for counseling and share with them the reports of their child,” said Uma Muley, senior special needs teacher at ColorsAcademy. “All of this becomes possible because of ColorsKit,” she noted, explaining that the app has a host of useful features for teachers and therapists to do assessments, share reports, track behavior, create custom programs according to individual needs, and access historical data for every student.

Special needs teacher Himanshu Gayakwad, who has been with ColorsAcademy since its inception, said the app-based intervention model works well for personalized teaching and learning. “I am happy to be working one-on-one with students who have different learning needs and paces. ColorsKit has significantly reduced our pre- and post-session workload in reporting and charting the progress reports on a daily basis. As a result, we are able to fully pay attention to one student at a time. It is also a very good platform for homeschooling because it provides special needs teachers with a structured plan on what to teach,” Gayakwad said.

“When I used ColorsKit for the first time, I immediately realized its usefulness for skills assessment. Based on the assessments, the skills that are lacking become goals and the app prompts appropriate skill development programs. As a result, we can start teaching sessions fairly quickly, which in turn, gives us more time to work with the child. The built-in interactive program that we have in ColorsKit is fun for kids and extremely easy to use for teachers. Parents can work on the same intervention at home for consistency. We get positive feedback from parents and it makes us happy,” special needs teacher Vijeta Patel said.

Special needs teacher Vidhi Patel touched upon the digital experience of working with iPads, iPhones, and Android tablets and phones. “Children love the digital experience associated with learning on a smart device. They are very receptive to the app-based learning environment offered by ColorsKit. It becomes easier for us to teach them something that they already are eager to explore,” she said. “Another benefit of ColorsKit is that it helps parents work on the same lesson plans that the child learns at ColorsAcademy. The repetitive nature of intervention with variations in digital content helps children not only learn and retain information better, but also introduce generalizations. We can capture reports quickly and share them with parents. All in all, we are very satisfied with all the functions of the app. It’s a wonderfully collaborative tool for both teachers and parents.” 

Parents, too, are happy with ColorsAcademy and ColorsKit. “Since enrolling at ColorsAcademy, my son has made good progress in terms of memorizing numbers and the days of the week. Before joining ColorsAcademy, he used to forget what he learned the previous night. But now he retains information better, thanks to ColorsKit. As a mother, I am more at peace now than I was before, knowing that he is making steady progress. The staff at ColorsAcademy are caring and my son really likes them very much. ColorsAcademy has become a second home to him. My son loves to take part in the various activities that ColorsAcademy organizes during festive seasons. He actively shows interest in learning and that makes my heart melt with joy,” the mother of one of the students said.“A therapy center should be transparent and should have a loving environment. There should be regular progress and goal-setting meetings with parents. I feel our kids learn and thrive best in an environment where they are accepted, loved, and taught in a way that they like the most. ColorsAcademy fulfill all these criteria because my child is really happy to be here and is constantly learning new things on a daily basis,” another mom, whose three-year-old son is on the autism spectrum, stated. “My child is a visual learner and therefore the iPad-based activities provided by ColorsKit are a great medium to introduce new things to him, especially the ones that he finds difficult. All the therapists at ColorsAcademy understand my son and his needs very well and are really committed toward his overall progress and well-being.”

About ColorsKit

ColorsKit is an exhaustive education and training program for individuals with autism and other special needs. This system lets teachers assess multiple skills from various learning areas covered in the classroom. Teachers can then create customized task analysis-based programs to teach skills and record data. These programs can even be shared with parents and other teachers for synchronized, collaborative teaching.

About ColorsAcademy

ColorsAcademy Training Center creates life-changing opportunities for children with special needs by leveraging assistive technology. We provide individualized learning experiences to each of our students. Life skills form an integral part of all learning, giving our students real life experiences and providing future independence. We recognize the physical environment is paramount to removing barriers to learning. ColorsAcademy offers an enriched learning environment through a combination of exceptional facilities, the ColorsKit learning management system, and a unique indoor learning center. Experienced and dedicated special needs teachers and support staff provide a complete all-round education enabling our students to reach their full potential. We work very closely with families so that our students receive consistency in all areas of their lives.We have high levels of aspiration for every student both academically and socially. Forging close links with schools, businesses, and local projects is not only promoting inclusion of students in the society but also enabling their achievements to be recognized and celebrated within their communities. We believe that given the right environment, every child with special needs is capable of excelling in their academic, personal, and professional lives. ColorsAcademy Training Center is making this possible.

About Rangam

We at Rangam pride ourselves for developing a culture of inclusion and collaboration through innovation in special education, disability hiring, and reemployment of veterans.We improve the quality of life for our candidates while providing exceptional service to our clients. We do this by delivering an integrated recruitment solution that combines technology, training, and education to our candidates while providing our clients with a large, diverse network of qualified personnel options. We adhere to a philosophy of “empathy drives innovation” in everything we do.For more information, please visit

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