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Unlimited Press Releases: Full Story and Update on PR Buzz’s ‘Unlimited’ Press Release Distribution in 2019

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas – 05-31-2019 — Reports show strongly that PR Buzz is no longer serving their“Unlimited Press…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at June 1, 2019

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas – 05-31-2019 — Reports show strongly that PR Buzz is no longer serving their“Unlimited Press Release Distribution” service on their website. Their “Order Now” button and links to previously published media are also inactive.


Prior to this major change to their site, PR Buzz was a competitor in the same space as PR Distribution, though it only offered one solution that was then distributed to single or multiple companies. PR Buzz was known for selling a $299 per year offer on press releases. This product went up to $499 with multiple businesses. There was strong evidence that PR Buzz did not deliver in terms of being able to significantly drive up a company’s SEO presence.


What Happened to PR Buzz?


Our PR Distribution teammate found that the PR Buzz’s site has changed significantly in design and content and that their Order Now button no longer works.

The video below provides a quick look at the product description portion on their website. You’ll see that links to old media are also non-existent, as of May 29, 2019.



PR Buzz’s History


In past testing, PR Buzz’s service would take your press release and syndicate it to sites Google categorized as “spammy”. In some instances, syndicating to such sites could actually hurt credibility.


PR Buzz did not seem able to be able to reach credible journalists or media outlets and instead relied on “content farm” style websites. Our PR Distribution staff actually took a deeper look at the implications of this.


This is in complete contrast to the offerings from PR Distribution, in which the average customer will have hundreds of media outlets pick up on their press release. PR Distribution’s Premium Pro package offers the highest ROI in the industry and guarantees syndication to hundreds of media outlets, including syndicates of ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and CW.


If you were considering using PR Buzz, that currently seems like an extremely bad idea. For reliable press release distribution and exposure, visit PR Distribution and view the solution tiers for truly credibly press release or newswire services.

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