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Rong360 Survey: Celebrating Dad? Spending Power on Father’s Day is Less than 1/12 of that on Children’s Day

China, Beijing, Beijing – 06-18-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Last Sunday was Father’s Day. How lively was it? According to a survey…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at June 19, 2019

China, Beijing, Beijing – 06-18-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Last Sunday was Father’s Day. How lively was it? According to a survey conducted by Rong360 and Tencent, 36.9% of interviewees said they had no plans to spend money for the occasion. As a result, the spending power of Father’s Day is estimated to be 1/7 of that on Mother’s Day, 1/12 compared to Children’s Day, and 1/13 compared to Valentine’s Day.

According to Rong360’s survey, only 25.8% of interviewees planned to buy a present for their dad on Father’s Day, take their dad to a restaurant, or give cash in a red envelope. Additionally, 15.2% said they would call home or go back to visit. But the largest group—47.8%—said they did not plan to celebrate Father’s Day at all.  

The survey also found age is negatively correlated with money spent on Father’s Day. Notably, this trend is not mirrored by Mother’s Day, during which the generation born after 1985 typically report the highest spending levels. Gender differences were found as well. According to the survey, the proportion of men who do not spend anything on Father’s Day is 20% higher than women, even though the proportion of men and women who spend more than ¥1,000 is similar. On Mother’s Day, just 10% more men than women will not spend anything, but more women than men will spend more than ¥1,000. In fact, women’s total expenditures on Mother’s Day outnumber men’s by more than 100%. Finally, the survey found that higher incomes aligned with greater spending levels for most holidays: Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Children’s Day. However, Father’s Day spending remains far behind. According to Rong360 analysis, 39.2% of interviewees said they spend the most on Valentine’s Day, 37% said they spend the most on Children’s Day, 21.1% said Mother’s Day accounts for their highest spending of the year, while only 2.8% said they spend the most on Father’s Day. 

Based on the result of the survey, analysts believe holiday consumption patterns remain complex, in part driven by traditional Chinese culture, as well as family and spenders’ personal feelings. 

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