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Debut Album from Christian Musician Celebrates the Healing Power of Worship – and her Birthday

United States, New York – 06-27-2019 — When Sarai Korpacz’s debut single is released this week on CD Baby and…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at June 27, 2019

United States, New York – 06-27-2019 — When Sarai Korpacz’s debut single is released this week on CD Baby and their partner sites, this talented singer-songwriter will not only share her soulful sound with a gospel-loving Christian music crowd, she will also share the story of her own reawakening. It’s Time to Praise the Lord is the celebratory result of a neck injury that led to a renewal of her faith. 


The song currently on you-tube at,  gives listeners a sneak peek of what’s to come when the full album of the same name is released on July 4th – which is fittingly, her birthday. The album strikes a perfect balance between joyful celebration and humble reverence in its eight tracks that include All I Ever Need, about rediscovering the power of God; I Lift Your Name, about service to God; and Thank You Jesus, a song of gratitude to God for His goodness. 


Korpacz started writing poems and songs as a teenager but took a circuitous road to performing vocals and to a music career in general. She holds her Masters in American Business Law from New York Law School and has worked in financial services specializing in compliance for several Fortune 500 companies. 


“The overarching message of my single and upcoming album is simple: worship God in spirit and in truth. When we do that, we draw closer to God and realize how real He is in our lives,” explained Korpacz. “Choosing my birth date as the release date is intentional as the album is the result of realizing my own newfound purpose in life.” 



The realization of that purpose came to the recording artist following a painful injury last year. Prescribed medications were having a minimal effect on reducing the pain she was experiencing so she turned her attention to worshiping God by listening to various Christian musicians. She is now pain free and while the pain did not completely go away at first, her newfound strength of spirit helped lessen it to a point where it was bearable and spurred her to write and record her first album.


“I have always been a believer with a strong Christian faith but my accident gave me a renewed awareness of the power of praise and worship. I hope to share my story, inspire people and give them an enjoyable listening experience in the best way I know how – through my music.”


It’s Time to Praise the Lord the album will be available July 4th on CD Baby and partner sites which include Apple iTunes, Spotify and Google Music Store to mention a few. For more information about Sarai Korpacz and her new album, go to


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