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Evergreen Entertainment Group Announces the Chilling True Crime Story of Dalia Dippolito to Hit the Big Screen

Florida – 07-02-2019 ( — Evergreen Entertainment has just announced pre-production for the true crime drama ‘The Dark Side of…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at July 2, 2019

Florida – 07-02-2019 ( — Evergreen Entertainment has just announced pre-production for the true crime drama ‘The Dark Side of Dalia’. The chilling drama will tell the story of Dalia Dippolito, who while making a living as a high end escort plotted to murder her newlywed husband Michael Dippolito by attempting to hire a hitman.

The Dalia Dippolito story rocked the nation and the case itself has amassed a staggering 32 million organic views on YouTube. It has made national headlines for over ten years and continues to fascinate people,complemented by a bestselling book about the case titled ‘Poison Candy’ and has been featured on various TV shows; having recently been picked up by “Dick Wolfs’ Murder for hire” on the Oxygen Channel.

Evergreen Entertainment Group in association with ‘The Entertainment Factory’ felt the story needed to be told on *THE BIG SCREEN *in further detail. ‘The Dark Side of Dalia’ is geared for big things and has everything needed to become a blockbuster film due to the fascinating twists and turns of this storyline.

Evergreen Entertainment Group themselves are known for their exceptional contributions to the film industry. Both Evergreen and The Entertainment Factory have brought 9 films to the market in the last 7 years, with one currently streaming on Netflix. Evergreen Entertainment Group spokesperson Brian Darro commented ‘Our mission has always been to showcase the
complexities of life through film. The” Darkside od Dalia” will be a film that exposes an evil murder plot while examining human behaviors and condition. We are very excited to be working on such an interesting story’.

Evergreen Entertainment Group looks to capitalize on the incredible streaming market a market that has seen growth from 2 million dollars per month to currently over 2 billion dollars per month in worldwide consumer spending.

The movie script has already been written, and over 100 hours of Live Court TV has been carefully examined. Casting for the production will begin shortly and a release date will follow. For more information and learn how to participate in this film. Please contact the Evergreen Entertainment Group.

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