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Michigan Fire Claims Inc. Announces Promotions to Large Loss Specialists

Auburn Hills, MI – 07-10-2019 ( — Standout Employees Olivia Ruse and Rod Schram to Tackle on High Profile Claims…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at July 10, 2019

Auburn Hills, MI – 07-10-2019 ( — Standout Employees Olivia Ruse and Rod Schram to Tackle on High Profile Claims for the Firm


Public adjusting company Michigan Fire Claims Inc. of Auburn Hills, MI recently promoted Licensed Public Adjusters Olivia Ruse and Rod Schram to the role of Large Loss Specialist. The new roles will see the two accomplished employees taking on claims of increased cost and complexity while continuing to deliver the high level of customer service they have become renown for.


While every claim contains a unique set of factors, large loss claims are distinct in terms of complexity and work demands. Aa  a public claim adjuster, a Large Loss Specialist has to draw on a broad range of knowledge and a diverse set of skills. These include architectural and material knowledge and assessments, personal item valuations, an intimate understanding of the claims process and much more. They also are often required to navigate multiple layers of insurance coverage and their teams of consultants.


A ten-year veteran of insurance adjustments, Olivia Ruse has established a track record of superb service to her clients. In addition to property claims adjustment, Olivia brings specialized knowledge in mortgage finance, home valuations and homeowners insurance policy details.


“I really love working with such a talented group of individuals!” stated Ms. Ruse. “Navigating through a large loss is generally very difficult.  Picking the proper team of people to handle the loss is one of the most important decisions an insured can make during their claim to ensure the best possible outcome. I’m excited to branch out and help even more people and really showcase what Michigan Fire Claims is all about.”


Rod Schram is coming up on 20 years of insurance industry experience in both commercial and residential sectors. Rod brings a superb attention to detail along with a customer-centric focus to each adjustment. He is adept at educating policy holders and establishing working plans to guide them throughout the claims and recovery process.


“Recovering from a ‘large loss’ is inherently difficult for policy holders. By taking a laser-focused approach and distilling down the details of your claim, together, we can determine the strategy that works best for your future recovery needs, desires and expectations. I’m grateful Michigan Fire has recognized my past efforts and accomplishments and I’m looking forward to bringing the same energy to this expanded leadership role.” Rod commented.


“I am excited to promote Olivia and Rod to Large Loss Specialists. They are hard-working, knowledgeable individuals and complement our company values in an exemplary way.” said Nik Kalaj, the company’s president.


Michigan Fire Claims Inc. is a public adjusting company specializing in residential and commercial disaster recovery consulting and property loss adjusting. Michigan Fire Claims licensed public adjusters, appraisers, building estimators and content estimators represent the homeowners or business owners to expedite the claim process and help their financial recovery after a catastrophic event.

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