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Partnerships – the solution for the sanitation crisis

Kenya – 09-02-2019 ( — STANTEC PARTNERS WITH SANIVATION FOR CITY WIDE TREATMENT PLANT   Sanivation is partnering with Stantec,…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at September 3, 2019



Sanivation is partnering with Stantec, a global leader in wastewater treatment and fecal sludge management, to design the first city-wide fecal sludge treatment plant in Kenya. 

This plant and partnership bring circular economy innovation to sanitation. The plant intakes fecal sludge and converts it into sustainable biomass fuel to replace firewood in industrial boilers. In Kenya, which burns nearly 15 million tons of firewood a year, there is mounting pressure to develop clean and renewable energy sources.To this end, companies like Unilever Tea Kenya and Kenya Tea Development Authority have already committed to saving over 150,000 trees by switching to these briquettes.

This novel plant builds on Sanivation’s expertise and will serve a catchment area of over 300,000 people, provide 5MW of clean energy, mitigate climate change, create jobs in a traditionally informal sector, and save the local government nearly $1M per year.

A future for the sanitation sector

To reach the 4.5 billion people that are living in communities where sludge is not safely managed, municipalities are seeking alternatives to conventional water-based treatment options. 

Innovation is here. Sanivation’s new plant offers one of the most cost-effective fecal sludge treatment options and will be built at scale to meet the water utilities’ needs for community-wide solutions, creating widespread impact.

Social enterprises are often at the forefront of creating systemic change and in keeping with this momentum, Sanivation recognizes the importance of engaging global professionals like Stantec. Stantec, on the other hand, couldn’t be more excited to work with Sanivation and the local government. This approach to cost-effective, city-wide fecal sludge treatment plants is replicable and brings Kenya closer towards the Vision 2030 goals of providing universal sanitation for all.

Andrew Foote – CEO, Sanivation: “It aligns directly with our mission and values of supporting innovative project developers who are continuing to push the envelope of what’s possible, particularly when circular economy solutions are so important.” 

Eric Rawdon –  Project Manager, Stantec: “We are focused on creating partnerships that allow communities around the world to thrive.  We are excited to embark on this new partnership with Sanivation, and together we can help ensure more cities have access to safe and environmentally friendly waste processing”

Eng. Festus Ng’eno – Minister, County Government of Nakuru: “We couldn’t be happier to welcome these private enterprises into Nakuru County as we continue to improve the services to serve our residents.”

Eng. Nahashon Wahome – MD, Naivasha Water Service Provider: “We have been working with Sanivation for the past two years and are proud to be leading the way in public-private partnerships for the sanitation sector.”

About Stantec

Stantec is not only the global leader in wastewater and fecal sludge management design, but they also have long-term experience in fecal sludge treatment in developing countries. Their treatment history of liquid waste stretches back more than 200 years in every continent on the planet (including Antarctica!). This will be Stantec’s first project in Kenya, demonstrating that there is a growing need for technical expertise in fecal sludge management. 

About Sanivation

Founded in Kenya in 2014, Sanivation develops and implements sanitation systems for local governments in secondary cities, that improve the environment and well-being of residents. This will be the fourth plant that Sanivation has built in Kenya, but the first on a city-wide scale to address the growing sanitation crisis. Sanivation and NAIVAWASS, the water service provider in Naivasha, will build and operate the treatment plant.



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