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Changing the Face of Construction – ArchKey Solutions Introduces The Power of Scale

United States, Missouri, St. Louis – 09-26-2019 ( — One of North America’s premier electrical and technology providers, ArchKey Solutions…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at September 29, 2019

United States, Missouri, St. Louis – 09-26-2019 ( — One of North America’s premier electrical and technology providers, ArchKey Solutions ( and its brands bring The Power of Scale to markets across the U.S.. 

 In 2018, ArchKey Solutions made its debut as a parent company to Sachs Electric of St. Louis, MO and Parsons Electric of Minneapolis, MN. In business since the mid-1920’s, both Sachs Electric and Parsons Electric have made a name for themselves as problem solvers, tackling some of the most complex challenges the market has to offer, turning them into extraordinary successes. Recently, universal market challenges, such as labor shortages, have created a gap between ability and desire to build as quickly as the market demands. ArchKey is uniquely positioned to fill this gap through The Power of Scale – leveraging its platform companies to scale to one of the largest electrical and technology contractors through people, growth, continuous improvement, proven core processes, and Centers of Excellence.“Sachs Electric and Parsons Electric are well-known in their own right,” says CEO of ArchKey Solutions, Clay Scharff. “ArchKey was developed not to replace these brands, but to enhance them, scaling them past the limits of what they were capable of on their own and helping these companies reach new heights both individually, as well as together under the ArchKey umbrella.”Unlike other start-up companies, ArchKey is backed by over 180 years of combined industry experience across multiple markets and disciplines. “ArchKey is about combining growth, continuous improvement and people into what we call ‘Centers of Excellence’,” says ArchKey Vice President Steven Stone. “Centers of Excellence allow us to leverage expertise and experience. We’re able to do this across all of our platform companies, vertical markets, and business units to help each other improve and grow while delivering value to our customers.”Through Centers of Excellence, specialized teams in Mission Critical, Power & Industrial, Healthcare, Sports & Entertainment, and Renewables markets use decades of hands-on, hard-earned experience to solve current challenges. “We don’t just employ the best of the industry,” says Stone, “our people make us the best in the industry. In turn we empower them to seek out the challenges that others say can’t be done.” ArchKey is the catalyst for solving those problems, providing scalable resources to push the industry past its limits. “While this has been tried before,” says Scharff, “the difference is that it has never before been done to this level. With $1B bonding capacity, there’s not much we can’t do using The Power of Scale.” Echos Stone, “The Power of Scale is about performing at the highest level possible and when you think you’ve hit the top, you push further. It’s about moving past the status quo and driving the electrical industry forward in new and exciting ways.” Welcome to ArchKey Solutions.
ABOUT USArchKey Solutions is one of the largest electrical and technology construction firms in the United States. As a platform for growth and the parent company for Sachs Electric and Parsons Electric, ArchKey Solutions’ diversified offering provides scalability that is unmatched in the industry. Sachs Electric and Parsons Electric are both full-service electrical and technologies contractors, each with over 90 years of history. Sachs Electric, based in St. Louis, MO and Parsons Electric, based in Minneapolis, MN, are storied brands with differentiated offerings that allow them to be successful individually. However, when called upon, they unite with The Power of Scale to solve complex customer challenges.

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