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Apolitical Launches a ‘Reducing Inequality in the US’ Bootcamp Exclusive for Public Servants

United States – 10-24-2019 ( — Apolitical, a global peer-to-peer learning platform for government, highlights ways public servants are tackling…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at October 28, 2019

United States – 10-24-2019 ( — Apolitical, a global peer-to-peer learning platform for government, highlights ways public servants are tackling inequality in the U.S. with new release.

Today, Apolitical launched a new online Bootcamp – 10 quick reads for public servants with fresh policy ideas – featuring promising ideas being implemented by policymakers to address inequality in the U.S. – from Cleveland to Santa Monica to rural Appalachia. 

As Democratic presidential candidates debate the merits of a wealth tax, inequality is top of mind for many Americans. No matter the side of the aisle, everyone agrees such disparity threatens society. But amidst the political noise, it can be easy to miss smart and innovative solutions – even ones that are already working – so Apolitical is highlighting what’s going on around America. 

Bootcamp Exclusive for Policymakers and Public Servants 

Bootcamps are 10-week long introductory courses providing public servants with an innovative look at a given topic in bite-sized pieces. 

In a recent global survey, Apolitical found that only five percent of public servants said that the learning resources they received were very helpful and 42 percent said their learning resources were either not helpful or that they received none at all. Apolitical is working to fill this gap.

The Reducing Inequality Bootcamp, designed with a social learning component and with the best of technology and learning pedagogy, has 10 articles, featuring:

  • Miners learning to code in Eastern Kentucky;
  • Savings accounts for kindergartners in San Francisco;
  • Integrating immigrants in Atlanta;
  • Environmentally-sustainable jobs for ex-offenders in Cleveland; and 
  • Citywide market research for small businesses in New York City.

Apolitical’s recent ‘Behavioral Insights Bootcamp’ attracted over 1,500 policymakers from 80 countries – including the U.S. 

“Research shows that many public servants turn to Google to find policy ideas that will impact millions of lives,” said Lisa Witter, Apolitical co-founder and executive chairman and former public servant for the city of Seattle. “As the new media landscape develops and long-running important policy outlets like Governing close, Apolitical can serve a critical role to provide public servants with policy resources they can trust on important issues.”



Samantha Nurick

About Apolitical

  • Apolitical, a B-Corp led by two female co-founders Robyn Scott and Lisa Witter, is used by policymakers in 170 countries, from mayors to ministers to millennial digital innovators. Drawing on deep expertise in policy writing, digital design and machine learning, Apolitical delivers global insights to policymakers in a format that is uniquely digestible, engaging and personalized. It was named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in 2018.  Policymakers and public servants: Sign up today for free.

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