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Former FDA Deputy Commissioner Joins Chainvu’s Advisory Board

Canada – 10-23-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Stephen Ostroff continues to champion food safety and traceability Chainvu Inc., an IoT and SaaS…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at October 28, 2019

Canada – 10-23-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Stephen Ostroff continues to champion food safety and traceability

Chainvu Inc., an IoT and SaaS company providing food and pharma supply chains with continuous, live monitoring of location, integrity, safety, and quality of product shipments, announced today that Dr Stephen Ostroff has joined it’s Advisory Board.  Having retired in early 2019 from the US Food and Drug Administration as Deputy Commissioner for Foods and Veterinary Medicine, Dr Ostroff also served on two occasions as the FDA’s Acting Commissioner and was also the agency’s Chief Scientist and Chief Medical and Public Health Officer for the Foods Program.

 “End-to-end traceability is essential to assure the safety of foods and other products in an era where supply chains are becoming ever more complex.  Chainvu has a unique solution for tracking and monitoring product movement from producer to retail without ever losing visibility” states Dr Ostroff. “This not only ensures safer food and pharmaceuticals; it also provides automated tracking at every step along the way ensuring complete traceability with reduced opportunity for compromise through errors or fraud. I look forward to assisting Chainvu as it develops its strategy, priorities and innovations in making food and medical products safer for everyone.” “The Chainvu team warmly welcomes Steve to our advisory board. Steve has a long history of knowledge, action and influence in improving food safety and as a champion of embracing new technologies and processes to enhance traceability” says Bob Burrows, CEO of Chainvu. “At Chainvu we are focused on end to end supply chain traceability and proactive product safety and waste reduction in perishable foods and pharmaceuticals. With Steve’s guidance and participation, we look to refine our current solutions and explore new ways to leverage our technology and reach to further improve food safety”.  To learn more about Chainvu and its solutions, visit www.chainvu.comAbout Chainvu:Chainvu is revolutionizing supply chain logistics. Chainvu gives the entire supply chain actionable product visibility and 100% traceability of products, live, at every step.  Chainvu is embedded and proactive, providing immediate notifications to prevent damage. It increases profitability, product security and quality, and sustainability. Chainvu’s cloud-based platform seamlessly integrates and executes smart contracts on a variety of blockchain services. CONTACT INFORMATIONMedia Contact: Bob Burrowsbburrows@chainvu.com(416) 807-7129

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