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Houston Area Oil & Gas Service Company Goes AI

United States, Texas – 10-24-2019 ( — P&P Oil & Gas Solutions (P&P) has partnered with Business Imaging Systems (BIS),…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at October 28, 2019

United States, Texas – 10-24-2019 ( — P&P Oil & Gas Solutions (P&P) has partnered with Business Imaging Systems (BIS), creators of the Grooper machine learning platform, to offer first-in-class artificial intelligence augmented services to the oil and gas industry.  P&P, formerly Pettigrew & Pettigrew Land Services, has been a leader in land administration and accounting services for the past two decades, and is continuing to branch-out into more new and exciting segments of the energy sector.

“We rebranded earlier this year because we are doing so much more than our old name accounted for.  This move into the world of artificial intelligence is one more way that we are pushing beyond what we thought our company would be doing twenty years ago.” – Chris Pettigrew, Owner, P&P Oil & Gas SolutionsAI is the future of data entry, a future that P&P is ready for right now.  P&P is utilizing Grooper to process revenue checks, mineral ownership reports, LPRs, division orders, leases, and more.  With the powerful Grooper platform and experienced staff, P&P is significantly decreasing the manual effort needed to cull data from documents for use in spreadsheets and any database system.Imagine receiving 200 invoices, extracting a dozen fields from each one, and having that data imported into your accounting system in one day. How would it change your decision-making process to be able to visualize the information contained in a box of papers on a spreadsheet without having to do any hand keying of data? What if you could evaluate the gross acres, net acres, mineral interest, working interest, and NRI of each lease in a potential acquisition before it was entered into a land system?  Taking that scenario even further, P&P can provide well analytics for every property you are considering.  With P&P and Grooper the possibilities are endless!By pairing technology with its experienced staff of cross-discipline analysts, P&P has created an environment where team members are able to continue to complete tasks in the most efficient manner possible.  P&P is not only incorporating Grooper into its existing work product, but is now offering some AI specific services, including, advanced scanning services with enhanced OCR, Content Model / Data Model creation, and AI planning & implementation consulting.With P&P you can benefit from the advantages that machine learning provides without having to staff-up, learn new software, or start from scratch if you are wanting to use Grooper in-house.P&P would love to talk to you about how we can help you leverage artificial intelligence to be as efficient as possible in your business! About P&P Oil & Gas Solutions
P&P Oil & Gas Services is a full-service oil and gas professional and data services company focused on preserving your greatest asset–the Oil, Gas and Mineral Lease.
info@ppogs.comAbout BIS / Grooper
Grooper enables rapid innovation for organizations processing and integrating large quantities of unstructured data. Created by a team of courageous developers frustrated by limitations in existing solutions, Grooper is an intelligent document and digital data integration platform. Grooper leverages patented and sophisticated capture technology, image processing, OCR, machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing.

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