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Cheyenne, Wyoming – 11-06-2019 ( — PAC Global, LLC, an emerging blockchain network provider, is pleased to announce the much-anticipated…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at November 8, 2019

Cheyenne, Wyoming – 11-06-2019 ( — PAC Global, LLC, an emerging blockchain network provider, is pleased to announce the much-anticipated release of its first-of-its-kind codebase.  This codebase promises to revolutionize the way we spend money globally together with future next generation use case applications.


Similar to Bitcoin in some regards but with several distinct advantages, PAC Global offers a borderless, instant, and secure digital payment solution utilizing leading blockchain technology.  The company uses thousands of distributed ledgers around the world to instantly verify transactions in a trustless and decentralized manner.  This requires no third-party intermediary such as a bank in order to complete transactions thus providing a superior cost-effective solution for consumers and merchants alike.


Several key highlights of the PAC Global blockchain network incorporating its latest software code include:


  • Truly global as the 5th largest decentralized Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network in existence today
  • Industry-firstdeterministic masternodes leading to reliable block times
  • Instant transactions of < 2 seconds
  • Private transactions
  • Passive income through masternodes
  • Eco friendly algorithm utilizing PoS instead of PoW (Proof-of-Work)
  • 51% attack resistant (Chainlocks)
  • Secure transactions
  • Fungibilty
  • 150 second blocktimes
  • Current use cases with All American Ford and various charities


Drew Saunders, the CEO of PAC Global, stated:


With the launch of our new next-generation codebase we have created the foundation for a truly scalable and reliable payment network that spans the globe.  This enables our core community developers the ability to build a wide variety of merchant focused solutions thereby impacting the financial industry as we know it today.  Furthermore, I would like to especially thank our in-house development team for their hard work and dedication in building out our cutting-edge platform.


Robin Matthes, the CMO of PAC Global, added:


There is no one approach to mass adoption. Mass adoption is a combination of among others charitable use cases, diversity & inclusion and working together as a community. We will utilize all of our unique skill sets and talents to ultimately contribute to help mankind and to achieve all of our growth and value-creation goals such as sub-economies using PAC Global because of a decent rate of retailer adoption and most sophisticated yet end-user friendly applications and charitable utility products and use-cases.


About PAC Global, LLC

PAC Global, LLC, is a Wyoming-based company focused exclusively on providing next generation blockchain network solutions.  The company is publicly traded on the digital currency exchange under the symbol “PAC”.  It currently is the fifth largest truly decentralized master node network in the world according to with over 5,000 active nodes located throughout all corners of the world.  Its initial applications are merchant processing and charity although the Company plans to offer its network to third party clients for supply chain/inventory management, Intellectual Property (IP) storage and distribution, and other leading use cases.  If you are interested in partnering with us please contact Drew Saunders, CEO of PAC Global.  For more information on the Company visit us on Twitter at @PACcoinofficial or our website at


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