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Media Sharing App Launches Amidst Global Shutdown

TEMPE, AZ – 04-01-2020 ( —, a privacy driven media sharing application recently launched with the goal of helping…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at April 3, 2020

TEMPE, AZ – 04-01-2020 ( —, a privacy driven media sharing application recently launched with the goal of helping families stay connected with elderly, infirm, and those otherwise isolated amidst the global pandemic. With millions under stay-at-home orders in the US and across the globe the Tapshare app and website allows family and friends to stay connected, sharing memories without the privacy concerns of major social networks. aims to provide a controlled conduit to share media from their smartphone or desktop with specific friends and family.  About 90% of pictures and videos remain on our devices. Many are uncomfortable sharing personal content on public social media platforms, given known lapses in privacy, confusing security setting controls, tracking and usage of personal data, and errors in user handling. With Tapshare, the user designates specifically who can view specific content. The media remains under the owner’s control, as recipients can’t accidentally download or forward.Tapshare isn’t competing with the social media giants, but provides a complementary service. Users can finally safely share the thousands of media files from their devices that they would never share on the public social networks with loved ones in a safe environment. “We may share a few vacation photos online, but would be hesitant to share Timmy taking his first steps. Those are reserved for close family members. Rather that waiting till members can get together, to share these experiences, tapshare allows users to do this immediately. Aunts and Uncles can all experience this memory immediately, leave comments and feel like they are there, all in a family friendly safe environment. This is especially important now, when families and extended members feel isolated, they can now feel like they are right there.’Tapshare is device agnostic and is cross-platform enabled. Users can download Tapshare from the Apple App Store for iOS devices or from Google Play for Android devices or use their desktop computer by visiting, providing access to users with varied degrees of technical abilities.“These are difficult times” said Spencer of Tapshare. “We’re all feeling isolated, cut off from the things we love, and more importantly, the people we love. We all have daily memories we want to share, but with the big social media platforms, it feels like we’ve lost control. Our goal with Tapshare is to safely fill the gap that has always existed between users device’s and the public social networks. Tapshare give you a safe way to share your memories with family and friends without fear of intrusion or loss of privacy. It’s like your all in the same room, you can stay in contact without making ‘contact’”Tapshare is a privately held company based in Tempe, AZ. For more information, visit the Tapshare website at https://www.tapshare.comMedia Inquiries:Company: TapshareEmail: Contact@workaz.comWeb:

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