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BigBang Core?Productivity Standards in the Era of Industry 4.0 Autonomy

China, Xianggang, Guiqing – 05-12-2020 ( — 1-The transformative era of Industry 4.0 Germany proposed the concept of “Industry 4.0”…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at May 14, 2020

China, Xianggang, Guiqing – 05-12-2020 ( — 1-The transformative era of Industry 4.0

Germany proposed the concept of “Industry 4.0” at the Hannover Messe in 2013. The United States released its National Strategic Plan for Advanced Manufacturing in 2012 and proposed “Industrial Internet” in 2014.  China released its “Made in China 2025” plan in 2015. Japan, the United Kingdom and France have also proposed their respective national strategies. In this era of flattening of the world, the new generation of industrial revolution represented by “Industry 4.0” will be a race to transform and upgrade the manufacturing industry under the globalization and standardization system.So what changes did the Industrial Age undergo?Industry 1.0: Mechanization and steam engines have changed traditional manual manufacturing methods.Industry 2.0: Assembly lines and electrification have significantly increased production efficiency.Industry 3.0: Automation, computer and robotics technologies are integrated into manufacturing.Industry 4.0: Intelligent Production, Autonomous Systems, Internet of Things and Machine Learning.What’s going on today is the Industry 4.0 transformation. Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution led by smart manufacturing, where factories integrate production equipment, wireless signal connectivity and sensors into an ecosystem platform that oversees the entire production line process and executes decisions autonomously. The system utilizes high technologies such as information physical systems, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.In simple terms, the goal of Industry 4.0 is to automate as much of the “labor” in this process as possible through intelligent systems, from the extraction and collection of natural resources to the production of goods into circulation. The role played by people in the previous industrial revolutions will be greatly diluted in Industry 4.0. 
2-Blockchain: the underlying technology driversWhen it comes to blockchain, everyone thinks of bitcoin, which is why everyone always subconsciously ties blockchain technology to digital currency, but blockchain is an underlying technology, bitcoin is issued and operates on blockchain, how can it be equated?Open, transparent, and decentralized, which is what blockchain technology is all about, there is no single issuing authority, only an open and transparent set of consensus algorithms on the basis of which everyone can write their own digital code. What does blockchain technology with such characteristics mean for Industry 4.0?Manufacturing production in order to achieve intelligence and customization, it is necessary not only to mastering the excellent automation of intelligent production technology, but also to master the extremely large data. Industry 4.0 is actually also a digital economy change. Blockchain technology can serve as the underlying technology for a trusted, shared and secure digital economy.
3-BigBang Core boosts the development of Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0 is a new form of innovation developed under the influence of the Internet. The Germans proposed the concept of Industry 4.0, the United States also has the concept of industrial Internet, and now China has also proposed the “fusion of the two” of information technology and industrialization, in fact, they all express a meaning, that is, industry and the Internet should be combined, and the future development of industry should be closely integrated with the Internet.At the same time, the combination of the Internet of Things and blockchain will also become an important force in the development of Industry 4.0 era leading industry. When facing the new change, BigBang will also provide assistance for this change in three aspects: 1. the factory and production enterprises docking; 2. the enterprise and enterprise docking; 3. the consumer and factory docking.
BigBang Core will build a new industrial ecosystem based on blockchain and provide a foundation for business innovation?Reducing cost and improving efficiencyFactories and businesses can cut inventory costs and service hours significantly. They can eliminate coordination, automate and accelerate finance and processes, reduce manual intervention and reduce fraud, and reduce production costs and improve service efficiency by creating new ways to extend product lifecycles and optimize the use of assets.Protecting data authenticityFactories, businesses, consumers can check the authenticity of products and processes at any stage, and every transaction in BigBang Core can be audit-able and traceable. It is much harder for a hacker to want to attack a distributed network than a traditional centralized network, because it does not make sense for a distributed network to attack a single node unless all nodes are compromised to modify the data.Improving supply chain managementIn enterprise supply chain management, BigBang Core can help manufacturing enterprises to solve the credibility problem of raw materials. Supply chain can effectively eliminate all kinds of potential crisis of trust without excessive cost and can effectively create industry deterrence.Improving after-sales serviceFor the production process of factories and enterprises, due to the large number of suppliers, logistics supply chain is more complex, making warehouse management and after-sales service costs are high. BigBang Core can help these enterprises to track the production and after-sales service of their products, and through the establishment of after-sales blockchain, enterprises can detect abnormal after-sales situations and stop a series of fraudulent activities related to warranty and service; at the same time, under the control of cost increases, extend the warranty and insurance services, effectively improve the level of after-sales service and give consumers more peace of mind.BigBang Core will serve as the driving force for a new round of industrial change, further unleashing the enormous energy accumulated by the technological revolution and industrial change, and creating a new powerful engine. BigBang Core can reconstruct the various links of economic activities such as production, distribution, exchange, consumption, and so on, and give rise to new industries, new forms and new models, and achieve an overall leap in social productivity.

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