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UNITED STATES – 05-13-2020 ( — KoolBots, LLC (FREMONT, CA) proudly presents StrikeZone: The Next-Gen Tabletop Baseball Game. Designed to…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at May 14, 2020

UNITED STATES – 05-13-2020 ( — KoolBots, LLC (FREMONT, CA) proudly presents StrikeZone: The Next-Gen Tabletop Baseball Game. Designed to bring friends and family together for full-field baseball excitement, StrikeZone is the most realistic and authentic baseball simulation on the market. Designed for 2 or more players ages 8+, StrikeZone is the only tabletop experience that lets you play baseball indoors or outside throughout the year. 



StrikeZone is available in two editions: Original & Stadium edition.

The Stadium Edition offers The Blue Monster outfield wall, The Mound for an additional pitcher axis, 4 color options for baseball hats, the All-Star Coin for coin flips and challenges, and all infielders also delivered in 3D action-figure form (in lieu of 2D placards for the Original Edition).



Game Features:

  • Players use 10” tall, 3D Pitchers and Batters with moveable components to pitch fastballs and breaking balls 6’ through the air to home plate. 
  • The Pitcher has a spring-powered plunger that the Player pulls back and releases to send the ball toward home plate. 
  • The Batter has two-axis of swing mechanics to hit the ping-pong-like baseball (complete with beveled stitches design pattern) anywhere in the field of play. 
  • The field is a 5’ x 5’ foldable diamond made of polyester printed fabric with room for 4 infielders, 3 outfielders, and 1 catcher. The 7 fielders can be moved freely.
  • Complete with the StrikeZone Mobile App (iOS & Android), Players can keep track of scores, break house records, share results on social, and set up tournaments for League Play.



Speaking about the new gaming experience developed by the company, Bhupen Patel, the owner of the company said, 

“Our next-generation tabletop games bring a realistic experience of playing sports in the comfort of your home. Our tabletop games will convert your dining table or your floor into a home stadium and you will have hours of non-stop, unlimited hours of fun and quality time with your family & friends.”

Early users of StrikeZone have following to share:

“Wow! What a blast we had playing Strike Zone. A rare time I actually saw my teenagers willingly put down the screens and have quality play time with our whole family. Priceless.”

– Misty

“I knew StrikeZone was a hit 5 minutes into playing the game. Whether you are the pitcher trying to strikeout the batter, the batter trying to hit a home run on the pitcher or a fan cheering from the stands, it feels like your experiencing Baseball in a fresh new way.”

– Joel

StrikeZone has found the perfect balance between teamplay, casual gameplay, and challenging yet learnable tactics. The pieces of the game are durable and the figures almost feel like hand-crafted action figures. And when I did connect with the ball for a home run, it felt like the real thing! StrikeZone is a great party starter for adults and family game for nights in. Thank you Koolbots!

– Greg



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