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A British Online CBD Retailer Has Stored The Largest Inventory So Far

17 Waterers Way Bagshot ,Surrey GU19 5BL – 06-19-2020 ( — A Bagshot based, British online CBD retailer has opened…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at June 24, 2020

17 Waterers Way Bagshot ,Surrey GU19 5BL – 06-19-2020 ( — A Bagshot based, British online CBD retailer has opened its website for the public. CBD Oil Den is a project of its parent company Ontario Commerce Ltd. This online CBD giant has launched with the largest product inventory ever. Currently, CBD Oil Den has more than 50+ brands onboard, and more than 100 brands are expected to join them by the end of this quarter. 

While the world is going through a pandemic, this CBD retailer chose to launch through an online website and cutting off their plan to have a brick & mortar business. They launched with 2000+ products and are adding new products every single day. CBD Oil Den has the most diversified product range so far. You can choose from anything as generic as CBD Oil to very niche CBD cosmetics and chocolates. Here is the list of products they have listed on their website. CBD OilCBD GummiesCBD DrinksCBD Tea & CoffeeCBD Capsules CBD Cream & BalmCBD Skin Care ProductsCBD Bath BombCBD SprayIt is worthy of mentioning that CBD Oil Den does not sell any CBD products that are not 100% legal. According to their website spokesperson, they have a strict vendor policy and choose vendors that sell 100% legal products. As per their Health & Environment policy, they decided not to launch any vaping products. CBD Oil Den is working with some big CBD Brands such as CBD Asylum, CBDfx, CBD Orange County & more. They’re planning to onboard other big brands on their website. While the already giant CBD brands are joining their online marketplace, there is plenty of room for small CBD businesses to launch through their website.CBD is a Billion dollars market, and ever since the UK government made it legal to buy and sell CBD, many offline and online CBD stores opened in no time. Just like any other business, online is the best place to buy CBD in the UK. CBD Oil Den is one of the top-rated CBD Shops in the UK and providing a huge range of CBD products to choose from.Their website manager said,  “We aim to provide all of the best brands on a single shop so the people can take care of all of their wellness needs regardless of the brand or the product they need. CBD Oil Den has got all of it.”He further mentioned, “Although we have a wide range of products on our website, we select only the best-performing products from these brands. We make sure those products are 100% legal and are made ethically.”Their website claims that all of their products have less than 3% THC, which makes it legal to be sold in the UK. CBD Oil Den also displays third party lab results on each product’s page for the awareness of the general public and authorities. Seeing all these efforts and precautions makes it evident that consumers are the top priority of the people at CBD Oil Den from keeping products is lined with the guidelines of health advisories and ensuring the THC content minimal and not launching any vaping product in the first place is the testament of the commitment CBD Oil Den possess towards their customers in providing them with the best quality CBD products made with organic and natural ingredients as well as ensuring that they are completely safe and legal to consume. 

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