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Business Owners: When It Makes Sense To “Pull The Plug” On A Pathetic Website

United States, Colorado, Denver – 06-23-2020 ( — When It Makes Sense To Ditch Your Old Website In the rapidly…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at June 24, 2020

United States, Colorado, Denver – 06-23-2020 ( — When It Makes Sense To Ditch Your Old Website

In the rapidly changing world in which we all find ourselves, we have seen the worst and best of human character. While some have opted to hide-out, hoard, and loot, others have made the courageous decision to help others, serve where they can, adapt and, grow.

For business owners looking toward the next stage of growth, there are some obvious questions and some less-than-obvious answers.

Questions such as “How should I sell?”, “Should I be selling?”, “What strategies work now to create more sales conversations and opportunities online?” are common ones that are racking the brains of seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders locally and across the globe.

Not all of these questions have a simple answer.

But in the case of strategies for creating sales conversations and opportunities online, some marketing experts have an obvious answer.

“Your website is like a salesperson who’s working for you 24/7, but most business owners ignore it,” says Jean-Marc Saint Laurent, Founder of Saint313, a Denver-based company that builds lead generation websites.

“Most avoid dealing with a website that isn’t creating sales conversations and leads because it’s not as sexy as social media. But research from the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science shows website leads are three times more valuable than social media leads.”

Statistically, this is not wrong, when you think about bounce rates. The bounce rate or, as it’s commonly called by marketers,  the “yuck factor,” is when people come to your website and immediately leave for another place.

Because the bounce rate typically shows when people do not find what they are looking for online, it’s a good marker for what works and what doesn’t as far as getting more engagement from future customers.

According to the recent “Bounce Rate Benchmarks” report from marketing training company CXL,  the highest bounce rates are coming from social media, landing pages, and display advertising. Meanwhile, lead generation websites fall into the same range as e-commerce websites, which get the most clicks.

When To Build A New Lead Generation Website 

To figure out whether your site has too many problems and should be ditched for a brand new one or whether you can easily tweak it for maximum results, Saint Laurent recommends using the following factors to decide. Just think of how easy these are to accomplish for your current site: 

Focused Uncluttered Homepage

Today’s customers do not want to take the time to learn what your website and business is about. It should be immediately clear what problems you solve and what you’d like potential customers to do within seconds of arriving at your website.

What seems simple, doing less, is often complicated by all the choices that are available. WordPress alone has over 56,000 plugins or website tools available to download.

All this can lead to complexity that kills conversions and sales leads.

Pages Targeting Surrounding Areas

A major part of sending more interested local leads to your website is being able to correctly target local lead generation keywords.

A labor-intensive but effective way to do this is by targeting the surrounding cities of your main service area with custom pages and content.

Built-In Lead Generation System

Turning website visitors into sales conversations and leads is not just about adding more forms to your site. In fact, lead generation forms could be the biggest block for your ability to create more leads.

The thing about website forms is that most of them are abandoned. According to data from form abandonment software company Capsumo, somewhere between  67 and 81 percent of forms are abandoned.

Fast Loading For Better Ranking

According to “10 Crucial SEO Ranking Factors You Need To Know” by marketing platform Optinmonster, page speed is crucial to rank at the top of Google search results.

Faster loading sites typically mean greater accessibility and a more pleasant user experience. These happen to make up Google’s number 1 ranking factor.


Jean-Marc and Saint313 have helped business owners create 5-figure deals (and sometimes more) with online lead generation. You can learn more about how to use your website to get more sales conversations and leads, by visiting:

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