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Protests, looting, racial injustice and the effects on America opening back up…

United States, California, Sacramento – 06-19-2020 ( — It’s a different world. Whether it’s politics, whether it’s the economy, whether…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at June 24, 2020

United States, California, Sacramento – 06-19-2020 ( — It’s a different world. Whether it’s politics, whether it’s the economy, whether it’s medicine, whether it’s rioting in the streets, whether it is going from full employment to millions unemployed overnight.

This new world has caused people to feel uncertainly, anxiety and dis-trust towards business and government. Which is forcing everyone to recognize and address the growing concern over racial discrimination. 

The big companies in corporate America already have the PR machines running at full speed. With public service messages on all the donations being made to this group or that group. People are in the streets protesting, they are fed up and demand a change.  

The cry out for equality is now being spilled over into main street. It is affecting businesses of all sizes not just the big corporations. The demand for racial equality has landed Diversity and Inclusion a top job requirement for the modern workforce.  

Which now makes it a top concern for the business that are bringing back their employees that were laid off. And twice as important when having to replace the employees that will not be returning. According to LinkedIn: as COVID-19 lockdowns begin to lift, people are looking for jobs, job seeking has surged to per- pandemic levels. 

As more states are opening up, employment picks up and people start going back to work. The workforce will be expecting companies they go to work at to show diversity and inclusion in their hiring practices. The workforce is demanding that businesses be more diverse and inclusionary. People want to work at a company that mirrors the community they live in. 

The work force is telling us that diversity and inclusion are an important factor when deciding on which company they will choose to work at. If you want to be able to recruit and hire the top people re-entering the job market as we are opening back up. And experience the magic of well running team. It is time to integrate diversity and inclusion into your recruitment process.  

Don’t be the company that loses their next top hire because you do not promote diversity and inclusion in your hiring.  

Companies will be judged by how superiors and employees embrace diversity and inclusion in their company throughout the recruitment process. The problem is most companies do not have policies that promote diversity and inclusion. 

Here are 5 simple tips to provide your candidates with a great recruitment experience that ensures diversity in your hiring. This list just scratches the surface of what can be done, but it is a good place to get started. 

  1. Form a hiring committee of supervisors and team members responsible for diversity and inclusion. All decisions related to hiring are made by this committee.   
  2. Create hiring criteria that qualifies candidates based on observable skills and knowledge. And deploy a structured documented interview process that scores all candidates in the same manner, using clear metrics that hold all candidates to the same hiring criteria and qualifications. 
  3. Do an unbiased application preview.  Remove any and all identifiers of race or gender form resumes or applications. 
  4. Scan all employer brand messaging and recruitment marketing for biased language and non-diverse images for removal. 
  5. Review all employer branding and recruitment marketing campaigns to ensure they reflect our company values of diversity and culture of inclusion.   

As you see diversity and inclusion is not hard to do, but it should be intentional and cultivated. It will require an investment in time and investment in resources. But the results can outweigh the investment in time and money. Happer more engaged employees, are happy more productive employees. And is that not what we all want.  

About Jack Whatley 

Jack Whatley is a recruitment strategist Forbes speaker author of Human Code of Hiring DNA of Recruitment Marketing and creator of Driver DNA Hiring System.   

He is known for creating successful recruitment marketing and employer branding campaigns that provide a good candidate experience and build employer brand, while delivering highly qualified applicants. His Driver DNA Hiring System has made Jack the #1 People ops Recruitment Strategist for truck driving recruitment in the world.  

With the employment turned upside down because of Covid-19?and the social expectations of the work force is changing how to attract and hire top talent. Jack has extended his DNA Hiring System , a proven hiring strategy that transcends industries and market conditions today’s companies can use to hire in this time of massive change.  

Together with his partner, daughter and innovation wizard Anika Whatley, they have been working away to build the best high-performance culture for their recruiting team by perfecting the Human Code DNA hiring system. Using the latest technology that allows the talent acquisition team to spend their time on high value work interacting with qualified candidates by automate repetitive tasks to streamline and target recruitment efforts.  

Jack’s Human Code approach to hiring top talent has made him one of the most sought after recruiting and efficiency consultants in the world. Jack lives in Sacramento in a Queen Ann revival he restored himself. In his spare time Jack loves taking long bike rides with his dog along the riverbank, brightly colored boots, antiquing with his daughter, and planning his next disruptive business venture while gazing at the stars on the ceiling. 

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