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Symptelligence Names Kevin O’Connor as CEO

New York – 06-16-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — Symptelligence Medical Informatics  Names Kevin O’Connor CEO Symptelligence Medical Informatics the maker of weShare® the…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at June 24, 2020

New York – 06-16-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — Symptelligence Medical Informatics  Names Kevin O’Connor CEO

Symptelligence Medical Informatics the maker of weShare® the intuitive mHealth platform that records patient data for remote management and treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), announces that Kevin O’Connor has assumed the role of President and CEO. 

With 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Mr. O’Connor is a natural fit into this role. He has a proven track record of growth management and sales success with multiple early stage companies in the urology and women’s health sectors, and has several successful exits in recent years. “I am pleased to join this organization to lead their expansion and reach into the medical industry. I hope to bring the mHealth and telemedicine impact of weShare to a combined user group of patients, physicians, providers and payers. With more patients being diagnosed, managed and treated from home, this product brings impact and utility for multiple stakeholders in the healthcare environment,” said Mr. O’Connor.

As explained by Mr. O’Connor, “men and women with bladder and prostate problems routinely spend two hours going to a doctor’s appointment. With the challenges brought on by COVID-19, traditional waiting room protocols and the interaction between physician and patient will likely change in the future. The weShare® app allows for a more productive interaction between the physician and their patient with less time meeting in person at a medical facility. By using the app, patients are given the ability to track symptoms remotely and then upload the data for the doctor to review prior to the appointment. weShare uses that data to provide the patient management and outcome reports to the physician to track and treat LUTs (bladder symptoms) in both men and women. ”

The weShare® mHealth platform was developed by world renowned urologist Dr. Jerry Blaivas to provide a new paradigm for work up and triage of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) using advanced web-based algorithms to record and track patient reported symptoms via remote data input. The platform includes diagnostic tools for:

weShare® for Patients: Innovative HIPAA-compliant mobile app captures self-reported patient symptoms on a smartphone. Patients communicate with physicians remotely or schedule an office visit. Patient engagement leads to stronger patient compliance and higher satisfaction with treatment protocols.

weShare® for Physicians: Symptelligence’s proprietary software allows physicians to customize a diagnostic and treatment algorithm to their own specifications. The software analyzes, quantitates, and displays clinical information to physicians in a user friendly, secure physician portal. Armed with accurate data, physicians can make treatment decisions based on validated symptom severity indices and evaluate real-time treatment outcomes using the same metrics. 

weShare for Providers: Healthcare organizations, IDNs, HMOs and government providers benefit from a decrease in patient wait time, increased patient throughput and all of the benefits of telemedicine powered by the weShare® platform. weShare® will increase in value as an aggregated big data set that can be the foundation of future clinical pathways, clinical outcomes and market research.

weShare® for Payers: In a Covid-19 environment, more states are supporting telehealth. Payers will benefit from the mHealth, remote visit, symptom scoring and telemedicine aspects of weShare.  Additionally, weShare is the perfect tool to support reimbursement for specific treatment modalities.

The platform on which weShare® is developed can be adapted for use in a myriad of other disease states such as BPH, Endometriosis, Pain, GERD, IBS and Constipation.                                                                 

About Symptelligence :

weShare® by Symptelligence is a tool used in telemedicine or to skip unnecessary visits. We are a medical informatics platform company founded with the vision of creating a disruptive technology for remote patient monitoring and disease management. weShare mHealth platform is composed of innovative HIPAA compliant mobile apps which include patient, physician, provider and payer support and efficiency features. All driven by proprietary diagnostic and treatment algorithms.

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