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Urtasker Helps Nonessential Sellers on Amazon Thrive During Coronavirus

Hauppauge, New York – 06-30-2020 ( — June, 30 2020 – Coronavirus is impacting businesses globally and one such epicenter…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at July 3, 2020

Hauppauge, New York – 06-30-2020 ( — June, 30 2020 – Coronavirus is impacting businesses globally and one such epicenter that effected countless non-essential merchants occurred on Amazon. 

A letter from Amazon to sellers jarred many when they were informed that shipments fulfilled via FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) were halted for all nonessential products. This impacted third party sellers dramatically and was implemented as an effort to manage increased volume of medical supplies and household staples, following the COVID-19 outbreak.  This move by Amazon left countless merchants in peril. While many suffered a dramatic loss of revenues, diminished sales and profits, others found refuge with Urtasker, a global Amazon PPC management and Amazon account management, full service, marketing agency

Without proper direction, as well as a nimble and cohesive strategy, many Amazon sellers who utilized fulfillment by Amazon found that their sales and profits were immediately and greatly truncated, overnight. However, Urtasker guided their clients every step of the way and helped them to not only survive, but rather, thrive.

The first immediate action Urtasker team members initiated with their clients was to assist them in shifting to 3rd party shipping carriers and, in some instances, changing the fulfillment channel from FBA  to FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant).  This immediately helped Amazon sellers to resume a familiar pace of order volume. However, Urtasker did not stop there.  Algorithmically, Amazon gives more weight to FMB listings with Free Shipping thus this strategy was also swiftly advised. 

Urtasker, however, knew that the fulfillment channel was only one hurdle their clients may face. They deployed backup supplier efforts to aid their clients in locating alternative product sources outside of the China supply chain.  As well, because brick and mortar and other in person retail channels were impacted, the experienced marketing professionals at Urtasker helped to redeploy sales efforts to other online selling channels, such as eCommerce options that exist at 

Amazon PPC or sponsor ads strategies became even more critical during the pandemic and the Urtasker team not only harnessed sophisticated tactics, such as modifying all sponsored ads campaign of FBM listings which were winning the buy box, but they also reduced advertising cost of sales ( ACoS%) and increased conversion rates during these unprecedented times.

Omer Riaz, CEO of Urtasker said “A consistent challenge for brands on Amazon is the ever-shifting landscape. This makes success or failure of your eCommerce business vastly dependent upon the ability to adapt and be responsive to change. The pandemic placed an exclamation point on this notion and our team rose to the challenge.” He added “We are committed to the success of our clients and were delighted to steward them to safe, consistent profits.”

Urtasker delivers results.  Founded in 2015, we recognized that there was a tremendous need for specialized digital marketing services to create and develop strategies for growth, through a program of numerous, specialized, marketing agency services for e-commerce businesses, world-wide on Amazon, Walmart and other platforms.  Visit or call (631) 993-8899 today!

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