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Best-Selling Author Erika De La Cruz Join’s Cast of FYI Network’s

New York City – 07-22-2020 ( — Erika De La Cruz, best-selling author, TV host, and founder of Passion to…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at July 25, 2020

New York City – 07-22-2020 ( — Erika De La Cruz, best-selling author, TV host, and founder of Passion to Paycheck will be a featured cast member on FYI network’s new series Dream Life airing August 2nd, 2020.

Dream Life is a spinoff series of Hollywood Disclosure currently airing on FYI network, hosted by Australian personality Serena de Comarmond. The show takes a behind the scenes look at the celebrity interview show that features an all star and diverse cast of successful and influential icons, such as Caitlyn Jenner, Tara Reid, Corey Feldman, Colin Eggelsfield, Deepek Chopra and Daniel Goddard, each with their own unique stories and take-aways of surviving and thriving. Watch as Serena visits celebrities in their homes, delving deep into their most intimate stories and follow the lives of her team, including Erika, as they navigate the twists and turns of life and the Hollywood hustle in LA. The show will leave you feeling inspired. Erika De La Cruz, is a mini-mega boss. The California State Senate has named her “The Millennial to Watch” and she has shared her journey as a first generation Mexican American and survivor of the 2008 American economy crash with publications like Forbes, Today, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, People en Español and Vogue. Erika is the founder of Passion to Paycheck, the annual entertainment conference in Los Angeles which creates a diverse community for personalities in the media to learn from one another. She strives to unify people through business and common goals. Last year, Erika partnered with Bumble Business to create a space where speakers and attendees can bring more vulnerable conversations into Hollywood. Past speakers for her event include: Kelti Knight (The Lady Gang), Rosci Diaz (BET, MTV), Shaun Robinson (Access Hollywood) Chelsea Briggs (Billboard), Eric Bigger (The Bachelor) and Bryianna Dyrdek. She recently launched Passion to Paycheck VIP, an online VIP membership portal to help those who work from home stay productive. This is an amazing tool for developing mindfulness and managing all aspects of entrepreneurship.Erika has a long history in the media, working her way up the ranks from radio to attending various high-profile red-carpet events on behalf of a variety of media outlets. Her personal struggles have allowed her to create a business of helping others after she and her family were left with next to nothing during the economy crash of 2008. Her family’s items were confiscated and re-sold at swap meets across California. At the same time, her mother chose voluntary homelessness. Erika was left with no choice but to figure out how to get to college and build a life that would allow her to help her family. With everything to gain, her perseverance and clear head enabled her to find her passion and turn it into a career. Optimism and hope brought her out of her mentality of defeat and allowed her to create a life she loves: helping bring global access to positive emotional health and personal power for women everywhere. While she has achieved much in her lifetime, she prides herself on working and collaborating under those from whom she can learn. “When you stop learning, you stop growing” says De La Cruz and therefore- assisting and championing The Love Academy, and having a chance to learn from Serena De Comarmond, a seasoned and international love-guru on this season of Dream Life,  was a no-brainer for her! Her Amazon best-selling book Passionistas is a compilation of tips and tales from different women pursing their dreams. Erika De La Cruz, combined with a powerhouse group of fellow #Passionistas, including entrepreneurs, founders of brands and small businesses, women in business, speakers, authors and more share their authentic, from-the-heart stories of struggles they encountered on their journey. This book touches upon and relates to what the reader may be going through with some powerful tips and inspiration on how to get through obstacles they encounter and come out the other side more determined and validated than ever. A lot of the country is experiencing similar circumstances as Erika dealt with due to financial or emotional instability as COVID-19 regulations are being carefully navigated. Currently, Erika is helping to mentor thousands through doubt and uncertainty. Follow her journey and tune into Dream Life August 2nd on FYI network.

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