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Pivoting its Proven Technology, LifeAire Introduces New Product Line to Kill COVID-19

United States, Pennsylvania, Allentown – 07-21-2020 ( — ALLENTOWN, PA – July 17, 2020 – LifeAire Systems, Allentown, Pennsylvania, creates…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at July 25, 2020

United States, Pennsylvania, Allentown – 07-21-2020 ( — ALLENTOWN, PA – July 17, 2020 – LifeAire Systems, Allentown, Pennsylvania, creates in-duct air purification systems that remove airborne pathogens including COVID-19. The company originally developed the technology for the in vitro fertilization (IVF) industry and has helped numerous IVF programs in the last decade. 

With the outbreak of COVID-19, and LifeAire Systems’ patented technology capable of killing the virus, the company is supporting many other industries to help mitigate the spread of the virus in close-quarters scenarios. These users serve customers in close proximity to one another, such as dental offices, medical clinics, colleges, universities, K-12 classrooms, airport screening areas, rail transportation, commercial offices, and more.

LifeAire Systems recently introduced the Aire~BioLite™ air purification system, which is a duct-mounted UV biological remediation system based on proven LifeAire flagship technology. An ideal complement to HVAC systems, Aire~BioLite is allowing smaller facilities to obtain a similar level of protection afforded their larger counterparts in hospitals and care facilities. This new technology ensures continuous remediation of airborne biological contaminants and destroys 99.998% of COVID-19 in a single pass and 100% within the second pass.

“Our mission at LifeAire Systems is to enable healthcare providers throughout the world to provide care in the safest environment possible,” said Dr. Worrilow. “Our Aire~BioLite solution was specifically designed for smaller clinics and offices such as dental offices, optometrists, and business offices, among others.”

LifeAire’s patented design is mathematically and genomically modeled to kill or inactivate the most infectious biological pathogens, including, but not limited to, anthrax spores, COVID-19 (Coronavirus), tuberculosis, and influenza on a single pass through the system. The technology has been proven to remove pathogens and contaminants more effectively than any other product on the market, including UV, ULPA and HEPA filtration.

Founder and CEO, Dr. Kathryn C. Worrilow, trained as a cell physiologist and clinical provider of IVF, never thought she’d have such a fascination with air quality. “LifeAire’s system has multiple stages,” said Dr. Worrilow. “Each stage is unique, proprietary, and performs something distinctive and important in air purification. The technology can sterilize air beyond government thresholds, which has become necessary in the world of COVID-19.”

In growing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, LifeAire has rolled out several new products that leverage its patented approach to remediation. From Aire~BioLite’s in-duct solution for small facilities to a new Aire~PPE™ Decontamination unit, currently awaiting US FDA Emergency Use Approval, that will help medical teams sterilize and reuse N95 masks in the field, LifeAire is on the forefront of bringing the latest, most advanced technology to current healthcare challenges facing the global community.

LifeAire Systems’ solutions are in place at some of the world’s leading healthcare institutions throughout the US, Canada and Europe, including: Stanford University Medical Center, Northwestern University Medical Center, University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center, University of Iowa Medical Center, University of Connecticut Health System, Wake Forest University Medical Center, and Yale University Medical Center.

LifeAire Systems is a client of the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania. For more information about LifeAire, please visit


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