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Emerald Black Set to Spark a Fashion Revolution with Its Bespoke Garment Technology

New York – 07-28-2020 ( — Provider of innovative women’s fashion solutions, Emerald Black, announces the launch of their new…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at August 5, 2020

New York – 07-28-2020 ( — Provider of innovative women’s fashion solutions, Emerald Black, announces the launch of their new technology platform to help women customize their own fashion

Emerald Black has again reiterated their goal of disrupting the fashion industry by allowing women of all ages to remain stylish and express themselves through modern, simplistic expressions with the launch of their Designs By You Garment Technology. The platform is designed to allow women to create bespoke pieces, starting with fashionable tank tops that can also be redesigned into dresses.

Founded by Esmeralda Rodriguez, Emerald Black started as a fashion brand to accentuate the beauty of every woman by encouraging the principle of effortless style. The dream of high-quality, flattering pieces that redefine simplicity and look effortlessly stylish led to the creation of stylish tank tops using innovative, special blend fabric. With versatile styles inspired by the NYC atmosphere, each tank top impeccably drapes to  fit a woman’s delicate silhouette. 

The decision to launch Emerald Black and ultimately the disruptive garment technology was inspired by the founder’s and other women’s real life struggles they face while getting dressed daily. She took matters into her own hands and was able to identify a garment that she felt was a game changer, and could easily help women get dressed faster, and still feel confident and stylish. Consequently, this garment today is what she named the stylish tank top. The only tank top tailored to enhance a woman’s contours and caress curves, with intricate details that would match the personality and mood of every woman.

My struggle with the fashion industry is that they only tend to feed us trends after trends and this leads to confusion when we are trying to get dressed ”  said Essie, founder, and CEO of Emerald Black.  “I want to create with a woman in mind and contribute positively in her life.” Essie continued.

The Stylish tank tops from Emerald Black come in two collections – The New York Classic Collection and The NYC Metropolis Collection. The New York Classic Collection was created with the everyday woman in mind and consists of easy-to-wear pieces that can be worn alone or layered while the other line is suited for the vibrant woman who enjoys  fashion-forward, investment pieces that add flair to every outfit.

The latest innovation from Emerald Black resonates with the brand’s commitment to changing the way women shop, providing her with tools that could help women design and create their own style expressions. The brands’ DNA has always been to locally source and manufacture domestically sustainable pieces made responsibly and with integrity. Therefore, each purchase is not only an acquisition of timeless staples, but also a positive impact in the USA and our Mother Earth.

For more information about the garment technology and other projects from Emerald Black, please visit –, Facebook, and Instagram.

About Emerald Black

Emerald Black was founded by Esmeralda Rodriguez with the goal of simplifying every woman’s shopping habits and making ‘everyday dressing’ easy. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Essie studied merchandising at the Fashion Institute of Technology and decided to pursue her dreams in fashion with the launch of Emerald Black.

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