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I Hart Flying’s ‘Go Fuel Your Passion’ Dual-Scholarship Turned Triple Opportunity Winners Announced

United States, California, Pasadena – 07-31-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — July 31, 2020, Pasadena, Ca: Over the last few days, I Hart…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at August 5, 2020

United States, California, Pasadena – 07-31-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — July 31, 2020, Pasadena, Ca: Over the last few days, I Hart Flying Foundation’s (IHFF) diverse scholarship committee had the difficult decision of selecting the final two recipients for the “Go Fuel Your Passion” themed scholarship opportunity. Five finalists’ videos were announced to a global media platform on Monday, July 20 with the chance for followers worldwide to engage with and comment about their top choice. It garnered quite the excitement, and there was an extension of gratitude shared for our major partners – Go Rentals and Sheltair Aviation – as well as King Schools, Bose Aviation, Dassault Falcon Jet, Titan Aviation Fuels, Power Tow, Boeing Business Jets, Flightdocs, Meridian Jet Center and Phillips 66.

IHFF’s selection process is blindly judged, and applicants are graded upon merit and point system. Finalists and winners are chosen solely upon merit, hard-work, dedication, the desire to achieve their dreams and how they are giving back to assist others on their aviation journeys. When applications are received, the scholarship committee only knows each applicant is female. All other information is completely redacted. There is no knowledge of name, age, background, ethnicity, even residence.

Founder and president of California-based I Hart Flying Foundation, Rachelle Spector, was able to raise additional funds during her June birthday where all proceeds were earmarked for this special scholarship opportunity. “I had a feeling it was going to be another tough call for our committee. We review and consider so many deserving women for our merit-based scholarships,” she stated. “While we don’t have unlimited funds, it’s absolutely empowering for us when we can extend additional dollars to a third award winner!”

The I Hart Flying team spent Monday talking with each of the five finalists and alerting three winners of “Go Fuel Your Passion.” These women include Tindall Hutchinson, Emmy Dillon and Chelsea Montgomery.

“I am thrilled and grateful to be chosen as a recipient of this scholarship!” expressed Hutchinson, who is working to complete her private pilot license in Orlando, Florida with a goal to become an airline pilot. “With the support of this scholarship, it helps advance my progress towards my aviation career and flight training. I owe my future and my wings to this great organization and its partners!”

Having completed her commercial multi-engine in June and a goal to become a certified flight instructor (CFI) before October 2020, Montgomery commented, “There are no words to express how grateful I am to receive the 2020 ‘Go Fuel Your Passion’ Scholarship. Considering how competitive this process was, I never thought I would have been selected as the advanced rating recipient. Thank you I Hart Flying Foundation and partners of this scholarship. This scholarship will not only help me in achieving my aviation related ventures, it will also allow me to pay it forward and inspire the next generation of pilots.” Montgomery’s short-term goal is to establish a flight school in Minneapolis where she is from originally.

Aiming for her CFII, Dillon shared, “I want to thank the entire I Hart Flying Foundation and their partners for their incredible kindness. I am honored to be a finalist and receive this special award. I’m also humbled by their generosity and am very excited to continue my training to help create safe pilots!” Dillon’s ultimate goal is to become a NASA research pilot.

As a minority herself, Spector started I Hart Flying in September 2007 for the sole purpose of assisting minorities by offering opportunities to increase diversity within this male-dominated industry. On average, IHFF receives 250 applications and can only choose a top two or three winners.

I Hart Flying also recognizes the very staggering statistics of all women in the aviation industry, especially pilots, and continues to involve partners and the public to share with these communities the financial support available and to actively apply. IHFF is proud to stand behind their mission and values, offer themed scholarship opportunities while also spending quality time mentoring a vast number of women of all ages. We encourage you to share and bring awareness of scholarships to all women and urge them to apply! By all of us coming together as a team to lift one another up, we are creating more diversity within the aviation community. Together, we are changing lives, one scholarship at a time.

Check out the winning female recipients here -> youtube.com/iamrachelle

To learn more about I Hart Flying, go to ihartflying.org.  For Scholarship updates, make sure to give them a follow-on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter -> @ihartflying

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I Hart Flying is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization founded by Rachelle – a talented pilot, fascinating speaker, social media personality and entrepreneur who excels at delivering impact, inspiration and influence for current and future female pilots. I Hart Flying’s mission is to assist women of all ages in achieving their aviation goals through the awarding of flight training scholarships. They believe that helping women achieve their pilot’s license and advance ratings will provide a positive way to increase the number of women aviators. 

For more information about I Hart Flying, visit iHartFlying.org.  


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