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United States, California, Santa Monica – 08-04-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — Intel’s future in fab alone has a $300+ Billion value opportunity…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at August 5, 2020

United States, California, Santa Monica – 08-04-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — Intel’s future in fab alone has a $300+ Billion value opportunity that is yet to be recognized.  With the recent $150+ Billion uptick in the market valuation for the fab only Taiwan Semi (TSM). 

INTC was added for the second time at $48.07 on July 29th, to the Equity Playlist, an editorial Portfolio of CTREAMER’s BUSINESS EDITION app. Intel is undervalued to the Nth degree. While, Intel brought in Trailing Revenue of $78.96B and Net Income of $23.66B in the last year. NVIDIA, AMD and Taiwan Semi combined brought in $57.316B in Revenue and $17.018B in Net Income. When it comes to the future of Compute, Intel has the most thorough COMPUTE CONNECT pipeline of infrastructure hardware and related software technology for the 5G connected, AI embedded, Autonomously driven, Cloud, Edge (5G Base Stations/Cloud Edge), Super Edge (5G Base Station for multiple IOT elements), Personal and Super computing future. Even considering ARM and Qualcomm, no other firm has this wide a portfolio of future compute platforms in the pipeline along with a stable deployed user base of over 70% of the existing global home(PC) and cloud compute platforms. In the next 2 years as Intel fixes its 7nm/5nm manufacturing process and sets in place a roadmap for uninterrupted fab advancements, new streams of fab business can open up. With National Security concerns a topic of the present, Intel’s role as the only Western Compute hardware designer with massive inhouse fab facilities, will present it with unique future opportunities in the ComputeFab landscape. ABOUT  _CTREAMERThe _CTREAMER platform is imagined and crafted for the 5G Era, as an experience between the super short social video platform Tik Tok and longer format online editorial films. It is about swiping through a series of editorial streams. From, brief stories on must hear about Stocks in the Business Edition, to design to racing to films and filmmakers to science and space to short glimpses at technologies that are redefining the world we live in. All specifically concepted and formulated for the 5G Era of streaming editorials. With the coming explosion of 5G phones, twenty-two stunning _CTREAMER EDITION apps will be released. ABOUT BUSINESS EDITIONFeaturing brief interviews and raw clips, this edition brings forward the Enterprises, Business leaders, Start Up Empresarios, Economists, Central Bankers and others in the financial and business community worth paying attention to by any trader. On SIDE A, it features the EQUITY PLAYLIST, the first of its kind. An Equity Portfolio as an editorial playlist, raw, layers of super brief content as brief video pieces on stocks. The EQUITY PLAYLIST editorial portfolio has a year to date (August 4, 2020 Close Prices)  approximate return of 32.74%.Link to Download the BUSINESS EDITION from the Apple AppStore: https://apps.apple.com/app/business-edition/id1498526442About Ctreamer:  ctreamer.com

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