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Tumor-Targeted Immunotherapy Offers Chance to Destroy Inoperable Pancreatic Cancer Tumors

United States, California, Los Angeles – 07-27-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — CoNexus Cancer Centers Now Treating “No-Option” Stage III and IV Pancreatic…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at August 5, 2020

United States, California, Los Angeles – 07-27-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — CoNexus Cancer Centers Now Treating “No-Option” Stage III and IV Pancreatic Cancer Tumor Patients

Greg DiRienzo, CEO of CoNexus Cancer Centers America (www.conexuscancercenters.com) presents clinical study published in  the Journal of Liver Research, Disorders and Therapy, wherein intratumoral (tumor-targeted) immunotherapy was shown to shrink and/or destroy late stage pancreatic tumors, without surgery, within weeks of starting treatment!  Pancreatic cancer remains one of the most malignant and aggressive cancers in the world (6% 5-yr survival rate with median survival of 6-9 months).  Vital organ metastases (e.g. liver) by pancreatic cancer cells is very common, often preventing surgical resections. According to the study, a tumor-targeted immunotherapy protocol could lead to fewer patients requiring surgical removal of a pancreatic cancer tumor. According to DiRienzo “in addition to non-surgical tumor destruction (debulking) tumor-targeted immunotherapy also showed favorable response to reducing tumor toxicity and hampering tumor growth, thus clearing potential microscopic cancer cells from spreading to surrounding tissues.”CoNexus Cancer Care’s tumor-targeted, immunotherapy protocol is designed with the potential to serve three vital functions.

  • TREAT INOPERABLE TUMORS (e.g. pancreatic and liver tumors) without surgery, or causing collateral damage to surrounding tissues or organs.
  • ENHANCE TUMOR DESTRUCTION (debulk) or provoke tumor shrinkage via minimally invasive injections  similar to CT guided biopsy, and;
  • ENHANCE SYSTEMIC CANCER CELL IMMUNITY (apoptosis) through the introduction of an autologous tumor antigen (dendritic cells) designed to enhance cellular death (apoptosis); a primordial event to activate a T cell response promulgating systemic cancer immunity.

CoNexus Cancer Centers are located within greater Southern California and Baja California, Mexico, each providing highly trained and board-certified physicians committed to employ safe and effective therapies formulated to destroy cancerous tumors without compromising patient’s quality of life. CoNexus Cancer Center physicians have practiced in multiple international settings, including China, Canada, Germany, United States, Cuba, South Korea, and Mexico. Contact Information: 
Gregory DiRienzo001.949.939.0050 
Los Angeles, CA 

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