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LiveFree continues to aim high amid Covid-19 pandemic

London – 08-09-2020 ( — LiveFree Limited director Mohamed El Guindy says the worldwide coronavirus pandemic has not side-tracked the…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at August 11, 2020

London – 08-09-2020 ( — LiveFree Limited director Mohamed El Guindy says the worldwide coronavirus pandemic has not side-tracked the company’s bold ambitions.

LiveFree Limited was established in London in 2013 with the straight-forward aim of becoming the number one e-commerce and direct selling business in the world. 

The company’s growth since then has been significant, with LiveFree Limited specialising in electronic commerce, tourism and communications, and partnering with the likes of Etihad Airways and Eisalaat.

And El Guindy says the company has adapted to the challenges facing all businesses at present by refocusing its approach.

El Guindy explained: “LiveFree position itself as one of the few direct selling companies that provide products and services that customers have real need for. We see what people need right now and we give it to them, it’s as simple as that. 

“When Covid-19 hit the world, LiveFree provided safety masks of all types. During lockdown, when people started longing for a bike ride in the fresh air, LiveFree introduced the E-Bike. 

“LiveFree aims to make the direct selling industry the most powerful sales channel for products and services in the Middle East and across the world. And we have one key goal – to be the number one e-commerce and direct selling company in the world.”

El Guindy’s drive for success can be traced back to the reasons for the formation of LiveFree Limited seven years ago.

He said: “The realisation of many peoples’ dream created LiveFree – seeing the huge gap in unemployment rates and low salaries in many parts of the Middle East region. It made LiveFree decide to act and provide a solution, through the successful business model of direct selling.

“The company started initial operations in 2013, providing a platform for online shopping that contains exclusive range of products and services. LiveFree took a different route of marketing and distributing products, an approach that in a very short time made LiveFree one of the fastest growing companies in its field.

“LiveFree Limited was formed in the United Kingdom, with headquarters in London – although we now see ourselves as a global company with a local flavour. The Middle East is a main market of interests and influence for LiveFree, which is why we have offices and agents in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. 

“The success and development of our team of independent marketeers, which serve the entire Middle East, continues to grow day-by-day, and that is such a source of pride.

“We also take pride in the partnerships we have formed with mega companies that trusted us to market their products to the world, such as Etihad Guest UAE, Etisalat Egypt, as well as the banks that have supported our independent marketeers with amazing financing options which allowed our customers to enjoy our products and services with ease.

“Now LiveFree wants to continue building for a bright future.”

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