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The Wealth Probability Index is Ready to Predict Your Future Access to Wealth

United States, Texas, Dallas – 08-10-2020 ( — The 100-Year Savings SolutionTM has launched an online assessment called the Wealth…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at August 11, 2020

United States, Texas, Dallas – 08-10-2020 ( — The 100-Year Savings SolutionTM has launched an online assessment called the Wealth Probability Index, or WPI. This self-guided evaluation identifies your attitudes around money, and what those attitudes mean for your wealth now and into the future.

The 100-Year Savings SolutionTM has built an online evaluation called the Wealth Probability Index (WPI) that assesses each user’s likelihood of creating generational wealth, described by 100-Year Savings SolutionTM cofounder Rick Sapio as “a legacy of wealth that provides you and your family with simplicity, probability and leverage in your financial life, now and into the future.”

The WPI assessment measures four different components of each user’s: 

  1. Relationship with money
  2. Comfort with money
  3. Biases with money
  4. Mindset with money
  5. And lifestyle


A stronger case made—with measurable results

Personality and typology tests have come to occupy an immense corner of the marketplace. This industry has grown to over $2 billion—but many experts now say that these tests and labels are insignificant, unimportant, or even detrimental to personal growth and wellness.

The problem lies in the fact that users often walk away with only a label. A personality type is determined, or an ideal partner is identified, or strengths and weaknesses are picked out. However, assessments that only measure where a user has been (and not where they can go) will always be flawed in that they provide users a crutch of, “that’s just how I am.”

What makes an assessment like the WPI cutting-edge is that it speaks to where each user is as well as where he or she can go. It’s not a web of labels—it’s a system to uncover opportunities and spell out what the future could look like if those opportunities were taken. Each user’s score on the WPI acts as the key to turn the ignition on a new plan of action. 

According to the American Psychology Association, 90% of people “want to change their personalities.” However, the way many typology quizzes would have users thinking, once a “type” is assigned, that label becomes an excuse to avoid most of the change we say we want. 

The WPI was designed to sidestep this faulty logic. Even where someone’s attitude toward money can be deep-seated, or someone genuinely “comes by it naturally,” the WPI opens doors and invites that person forward to a greater life and legacy. “When it comes to financial security and generational wealth, you have every reason to look at change seriously,” asserts Teresa Kuhn, co-founder of the 100-Year Savings SolutionTM. 


About the 100-Year Savings SolutionTM

The 100-Year Savings SolutionTM was created by Rick Sapio and Teresa Kuhn and endorsed by Judge Jeanine Pirro as a financial product that can outperform traditional savings accounts without adding market or Wall Street risk. Qualified candidates can take their scores on the WPI into a consultation to see if they qualify for the product. 

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