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United States, Nevada, Las Vegas – 08-10-2020 ( — United States Basketball Championship (USBC), the signature event produced by the…

By Editorial Team , in PR , at August 11, 2020

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas – 08-10-2020 ( — United States Basketball Championship (USBC), the signature event produced by the United States Basketball Network (USBN), will choose the top 64 non-NBA or G-League professional basketball teams to compete in its tournament starting December 2020.

The United States of America has the 3rd largest population in the world.  The U.S. is also one of the largest countries by percentage of landmass and the largest in the world by GDP.  One of America’s world dominance is its athletes and was the creator of the basketball. The U.S. already has the top basketball league in the world with the NBA and maybe the second best with its’ G-League. With the U.S. being so big and basketball being one of our main sports, the question becomes, “Why don’t we know who is the best team in the U.S. outside the NBA”?

There has never been a true 3rd best basketball league in the U.S. for professional teams and the U.S. is the only country in the world that does not operate with an award league system.  The USBN plans to change just that.  The country is filled with post-college professional teams and dozens of local and nation leagues.  With so many teams and leagues the challenge is how to determine who is the best.  The USBC was established to answer that question.  USBC’s competition committee will review teams across the nation and invite them to participate.  “The U.S. does not need to keep adding new teams and leagues until we can make the existing ones better and determine who are the best of the best already”, says USBN. 

Making this 3rd tier of basketball in the U.S. more viable, visible, and financially successful is the core mission of the USBN.  The USBN hopes by pooling the sum of all its’ assets as a collective package nationwide it will increase its chances of getting Sponsors and Media deals.  The USBN is already discussing naming rights and media rights with major US brands.  “What we want to achieve is to grow our revenue in order for that money to be given to the teams versus where most existing teams have to pay towards their league”, says USBN.  USBN’s goal is to support teams because the better they become the stronger USBN becomes.  The average valuation of an NBA team is $1.9 billion, and the NBA generates about $8 billion in revenue annually.  There are only 450 jobs for players in the NBA, a lot are taken by international players and players today are playing for 15+ seasons.  Going overseas for Americans may not always be as safe and comfortable as staying at home with family and familiarity.  With the probability of competing beyond high school at 3.5% and for the nearly 20,000 NCAA participants only having a 1.2% probability of making it to the pro-level, USBN is here to help this incredibly talented players that fall just under the line a chance to carry out their dreams here in the U.S. while being financially compensated well enough to make a livelihood for themselves. 

About USBN

The USBN is the future of non-NBA basketball in the U.S.  USBN is a network channel dedicated strictly for top-level basketball events, tournaments, and players.  USBN is dedicated to making better opportunities at home than overseas.  Making the USBN a platform for players to continue to compete and improve at their highest level possible.  This is made possible by the year-around events and shows produced by the USBN that highlights Teams and Players.

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